Perry tries to sabotage moratorium!

In a breathlessly lawless maneuver, Governor Perry is trying to refuse the receipt of HB 1892 from the Legislature by not having a clerk available to timestamp it (and have the 10 day period begin), according to the Quorum Report. The House passed the bill 139-1 Wednesday, May 2, and the Governor has 10 days to sign it, veto it, or allow it to become law without his signature.

BUT, the 10 day clock doesn’t start until a clerk from his office officially timestamp’s the bill. So, Perry is getting an extra 3 days to peel off senators to try and prevent them from overriding his veto. These lawless and childish antics are more akin to kindergarten schoolyards than befitting a sitting Governor of one of the largest states in the Nation. He’s throwing more than a hissy fit, he’s obstructing the Legislature from being able to enact law. A classic separation of powers violation we’re getting accustomed to with this rebellious, elitist, special interest Governor.

He’s also thwarting the will of the PEOPLE of Texas in an unprecedented move to prevent a bill of the PEOPLE from becoming law. We expect this from dictators, not from elected representatives in a democracy. This is an affront to our freedom of self-governance. Rather than graciously cede defeat, this Governor chooses to behave as a lawless dictator who himself along with his Department of Transportation is out of control.

Perhaps we need to renew the call to impeach Perry.


Call Governor Perry….bury his office with respectful, but firm voter fury, and ask him to stop his antics and accept what the PEOPLE of Texas asked their representatives to do. He needs to RECEIVE the bill from the legislature, and sign this bill into law or get the veto over with so our representatives can override him as the law allows.

Keep calling until you get through…

Citizen opinion line:

(800) 252-9600

Main switchboard:

(512) 463-2000

Email to his transportation aide:


Now the explanation is the clerk went home “sick”…

Austin American Statesman
Saturday, May 5, 2007
Sick aide stalls measure

A bill restricting toll road powers, one many think will end up with a gubernatorial veto, has run into a couple of hitches on the way to Gov. Rick Perry’s desk.

As of the end of business Friday, more than two days after it got final passage in the House, House Bill 1892 was not officially on the governor’s desk. That means, assuming his office accepts the bill Monday, that Perry will have until May 18 to sign or veto the bill or let it become law without his signature.

The first problem was the Legislature’s doing. The bill had a few technical language errors, which required passage of concurrent resolutions. That occurred early Thursday afternoon. Then, Friday afternoon, Greg Davidson, the only person in the governor’s office allowed to accept and time-stamp bills, went home sick. Four attempts were made to contact Davidson, by phone, e-mail and in person, before his illness became known.

Colin Parrish, chief of staff for the sponsor, Rep. Wayne Smith, R-Baytown, said, “There ought to be a backup.”

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  1. Esteban Erik Stipnieks

    I called Strauss and Wentworth it is time to impeach him. Rick Perry just showed pure contempt for the voters of Texas. He needs to be removed from the office of gov. He needs to be removed so fast that his head will still be spinning three years from now. I called Perry on two lines. I called Wentworth and Strauss. The time has come IMPEACH PERRY!

  2. Gary Conner

    It was time to impeach him when he pulled the assinine HP Vaccine “Executive Order” which was not only unconstitutional, but dangerous to the health of our children.

    But this newest ploy is on par with the exact type of childish and unlawful actions the Democrat House Members were criticized for when they left Texas for Oklahoma to hide out from their duty.

    He surely needs to be impeached, but these “Representatives” have the same amount of respect for the State and Federal Constitutional oaths they swear as Perry does, so nothing will be done. He is simply a CINTRA Conquistadore operative, and he and his band will continue their march toward claiming all land “as far as the eye can see” for the King of Spain.

  3. Martha Eppler

    I will send Rick Perry a letter. I believe a written document is much more effective than a telephone call.

  4. terrih Post author

    Yes, letters are best, but on our tight timeline it likely won’t get read before the veto happens…

  5. Jimmy Lamberth

    I have been calling for an impeachment of “dictator perry” and prosicution of Rick Williamson for “cooking the books” for a long time now. Most every time I called a Senator or Representative and talked to their Staff member, I discussed what bill I was calling about and then ended with a “call for impeachment of the dictator and prosicute Williamson. While the Staff members had to be “discrete”, none disagreed with me and “unofficially” I got a lot of “agreements” with the call. From my comments on my phone calls, I think we have enough support for an impeachment. Someone tell us how to “start the ball rolling” and all of us will “push it up the hill” to the Capitol.
    Since he will not be runnign for the office again, he feels he has nothing to lose by not trying to “please the voters”. This makes this “dictator” more dangerous.
    According to what I have heard, Faxes and letters have to be answered. E-mail and phone calls do not. Of course, because of the time constraint, phone calls are needed at this time.
    Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst has his eye on the Governors office. Maybe he should be reminded of the “will of the people of Texas” at this time. We need his support and he will need our vote. Seems like a “fair trade” to me.
    Jim Lamberth

  6. Weldon Kiser is way past time to start the impeachment process! And everyone please remember
    how Senator Jeff Zachry,Oops, my error,Wentworth must be defeated next go round!! A great replacement would certainly be “our hero ” Terri Hall!! Flood em folks,give 39% landslide “BLOW DRY” HELL!!! Will…..

  7. charlotte padilla

    I am for the impeachment of Governor Perry. He is not listening to the will of the people of Texas! How loud must we say we do not want toll roads in San Antonio??!! I drive 28 miles to work one way every day, from Cibolo to the medical center area in San Antonio. The toll roads would be a real financial burden on me. I would have to drive on the access roads along with all of the other people. What purpose would that do? Just congest the traffic more! Government should represent the people. Governor Perry must be lining his own pocket by proceeding with plans to build toll roads and have a foreign company manage them! That is so anti-American and so unbelievable! I am very disappointed in him. I thought he had the same values as I did, but I see the real person he has become, and I don’t like what I see!

  8. Loretta Spaulding

    We have to stop the Trans Texas Corridor now. Perry is a traitor to Texas.

  9. Judy Keck

    I was just thinking, like many of you, that Gov Perry’s offences are so blatant that Texas should consider his “impeachement”. I’ve “had it” with the arrogant Rick Perry…. flip flopping on his phoney secure-our-border promises Immediately after his reelection, his Tyranical forced vaccination decree, and now he is obstructing and in collusion with a federal agency illegally interfering with the legislative process of our State government?… Apparently, our roads, as toll roads controlled by foreigners, and the NAFTA Hw are part of a Master Plan. As far as I’m concerned, Gov Perry is President Bush’s “Lapdog” to further Bush’s Internationlist agenda right through the middle of Texas and the USA! Without going into that….my main point is that not only is our elected Gov NOT even trying to represent the priorities of the people of Texas…he is defiantly Opposing us to our detriment! We can not sit by and allow it. Perry and our Reps need to be hearing from us, preferrably, more than once. At the same time, I am so grateful to Terri Hall and all the Others who have been the real foot soldiers for us in San Antonio and Texas….God bless you-all…and God bless Texas!

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