Planning Commission takes on TxDOT, Trans Texas Corridor in Nacogdoches

TURF Board member Hank Gilbert is the President of the 391 planning commission in the Piney Woods/Nacogdoches region and they’re using local government to challenge the Trans Texas Corridor. Go Hank!

PRESS RELEASE -January 16, 2009

PWSRPC Hosts Meeting with TxDOT, EPA Next

The Piney Woods Sub-Regional Planning Commission (PWSRPC) took another step in the process of maintaining local control of future highway construction during a meeting held with TxDOT representatives last week.  The over-flow capacity crowd of public supporters caused the PWSRPC-TxDOT meeting to be moved to a much larger meeting room in the Nacogdoches County Courthouse Annex.  This did not miss the attention of the three TxDOT officials, two of which were from the Austin Office, and the panel of consultants TxDOT brought with them, as nearly a hundred local citizens turned out to hear the Planning Commission’s President, Hank Gilbert, grill TxDOT as to their plans.
Doug Booher, ‘on the scene’ Environmental Manager stated, “We’re not going to pursue the 4,000 mile network.  We are going to continue to pursue two individual projects; one of them would be the I-35 corridor project and the other one would be the I-69 corridor project.”

When asked the question from the attending audience about a loop that once was planned to go around the West side of Nacogdoches, Booher stated, “I’m sure those plans would be dusted off and looked at again.”  He also stated the name ‘Trans Texas Corridor’ would be ‘phased out’ and mentioned several times that tolling and public/private partnerships (by foreign investors) would still be an option in TxDOT’s transportation plans.
Hank Gilbert also expressed to PWSRPC members that he is concerned about legislation Governor Perry may try to pass that would eliminate SRPC’s, such as the Piney Woods.

“We have people watching out for such legislation and if it is introduced, we will need for the citizens of Texas to call their Representatives and let them know that they want to keep their local SRPC’s,” Gilbert stated.
The strong show of public support for the PWSRPC’s meeting with TxDOT validates the desire of the public for input and information.  The NEXT Piney Woods Sub-Regional Planning Commission meeting will be with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Representatives on Thursday, February 5, at 10:00 a.m. in the Nacogdoches County Annex.  This will also be an open meeting and the public is urged to attend.  As Board Member Larry Shelton has stated, “You are either at the table or you are on the menu.”