Pro-toll Perez to replace Krier as San Antonio Greater Chamber President

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He’s BAAAACCCKK…Former Councilman and MPO Dictator #1 (Sheila McNeil, his successor, is Dictator #2, see why on YouTube), and pro-toll lap dog Richard Perez has been tapped to be the new San Antonio Greater Chamber of Commerce President. Tolling authority Chair and ex-Mayor Bill Thornton is growing a Pinnochio nose for calling Perez “honest and straightforward.” For anyone who witnessed Perez’ lawless behavior as Chair of the MPO, they know what a tall tale Thornton is telling!

We agree with Thornton’s wish that Perez stay in this position a long time….because Perez has no political future in this town. His contempt for the people on the toll road issue will not soon be forgotten! What’s also telling is that two politicians served on the search committee. Why not businessmen? Because the Greater Chamber is the arm of government and vice versa. Whenever government needs to slip a tax hike or bond package past the voters, the Chamber delivers. Whenever the Chamber needs state-run monopolies like toll roads, government delivers (to Zachry, of course). To them, it’s a beautiful thing. Yep, this is the PERFECT job for Perez…..he loves to kiss the ring.

From the Express-News….
The Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce’s board announced this afternoon it has chosen Richard Perez as its new president and CEO.

Perez brings a new dimension to the chamber, said Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff, who served on the search committee.

Perez topped the list of a stellar pool of candidates for the chamber job, said Bill Thornton, former mayor of San Antonio and a member of the selection task force.

“That tells you that Richard Perez was just a catch to serve in this new capacity for San Antonio,” Thornton said.

Perez is the perfect guy for the job because he has always been honest and straightforward, he said.

“He’s steadfast in doing what’s right for our community,” Thornton said.

Perez is young, bright and capable, he said.

“I hope he stays in this position for a long time,” Thornton said.

Oh pleeeez….
To see Perez’ history of heavy-handed tactics as MPO Chair where he had a history of blocking agenda items, cutting off any anti-toll debate, and putting citizens’ to be heard dead last, read below:

• Perez railroaded a change to MPO bylaws to allow himself to be re-appointed to the MPO Board after term in office was up.
• Perez voted AGAINST reverting 281 back to FREEway instead of tollway.
• Perez abuses his power at MPO to get sidewalks just for his neighborhood.
• Perez delays citizens’ request for gas price study, makes Adkisson jump through special hoops.
• Perez stonewalls citizens request for independent review of toll plans.