Public response to toll roads in Austin NOT happy as tollers claim

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Just avoid the tolls

The easiest way to prevent the Trans Texas Corridor from happening is to not
use the toll roads that are completed. I will never get on one of them, so
the state will never reap one penny from me. If we all do that, then they
won’t be able to repay the bond debt and won’t be able to sell future bonds
for more toll roads.
Skip the toll roads, and let them eat cake.
Round Rock

Not happy with tolls roads

I was a tentative supporter of the new Austin area toll roads, based purely
on the desperate need that any traffic relief option is better than nothing
at all. The key word in my prior statement is “was.”
As I witnessed the construction process, I gave the benefit of doubt that
all the puzzle pieces would eventually fall into place. Oh, how I was wrong.
The new traffic pattern will cause significant harm to the already tortuous
Interstate 35 northbound traffic flow. It will also severely limit
accessibility to the I-35 corridor businesses. The appearance indicates an
overall intent to force tremendous misery; thus maximizing the opportunity
to extort commuters through the toll system. More misery equates to more
dollars. Where’s the accountability? This is a system with potential for
good intent and purpose, but is severely tainted with tremendous deception.
Ultimately, it will offer benefits to a large portion of frustrated Austin
area commuters, but we have been sold a bad bill of goods with a perpetual
high cost.
Cedar Park

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  1. David Ramos

    The viability of these first few toll roads in Austin is in trouble if the sentiment above is any indication of how these Austinites feel.

    I’d be laughing about it, but I just realize that it will be us unfortunate “taxpayers” who will have to “come to the rescue” if those roads don’t get used!!!

    Urgent Message to Bill Thorton, Joe Strauss and the rest of those pro-tollers: Start driving those Austin toll roads quick (especially when you have to meet with those ‘special interest groups’) — certainly, you wouldn’t want Terri Hall to be right after all, do you?

  2. R M Schmeisser

    Regarding Hwy 281 North in San Antonio, it was my understanding that back in 2002 (?)funding had been appropriated to build overpasses at several of the major intersections of 281 N. They completed the overpass at Hwy 1863, then stopped. I guess they used the remaining money for something more important and figured the tollway could take care of the rest. Well now that we have tollway construction on that road in check (for now) I have a question. Assuming we can keep the tolls out, what are we going to do with current traffic congestion? Not only is it bad, but it will be getting worse as they are currently putting up 2 more sets of traffic lights. 281 N will be another Bandera street with nothing but stop and go all the way. What happened to our overpasses? If completed, they would solve MUCH of the current problem.

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