RADIO WAR: Debate gets ugly, Ricci Ware Show shafts Kosub

Seems we’ve touched a nerve in the Frank Corte / Tony Kosub race. Incumbent and rabid toller Frank Corte has now changed his radio ads and sent out calls saying he’s never voted for toll roads! He wants to sugarcoat his record and hopes voters will not know or will forget that the legislative record clearly shows he’s voted for every piece of toll legislation that has ever crossed his desk, like HB 3588, HB 2702, and SB 792 to name a few. Each bill gave TxDOT (an out of control, unaccountable state agency prone to $1 billion accounting errors that has now triggered yet another audit) more authority and more latitude to toll our existing freeways, including market rate tolls that will gouge motorists in one corridor in order to fund other road projects.

During a 2 hour radio debate on KSLR’s Adam McManus Show between Frank Corte and Toll Party Founder Terri Hall (in response to Corte’s attack editorial on Hall) Thursday, Corte came unhinged and shrieked at Hall and even constituents! He called her a liar at least 2 dozen times, but couldn’t name one since his voting record doesn’t lie (even though he does). At one point a male caller chastised Corte for “never letting the lady finish her sentences” and for raising his voice at me (“you’re yelling at her”). The caller said Corte is supposed to be the legislator and keep a cool head, but he clearly not only lost his cool, his uncontrolled anger and below the belt, baseless ad hominem attacks caused the caller to say, “I’m unimpressed with you, Mr. Corte.”

Then the following day, Corte tried to do more damage control by controlling a radio appearance by his opponent, Toll Party endorsed Tony Kosub. Kosub was promised 25 minutes on Ricci Ware’s Show on KTSA since Ware had Corte on unchallenged a week before for a very lengthy segment. Seconds prior to Kosub going on the air, he finds out Corte will be on after him (apparently to try and do some damage control). Kosub gets on and barely gets a chance to speak before being cut off in less than 5 minutes (and he was disconnected several times and had feedback in the phone the entire interview). Then Corte gets on for 5 minutes. The show said they weren’t going to take any calls, but then after Frank Corte spoke, they took a call from a pro-Corte guy who slammed Kosub with tasteless personal attacks.

But in spite of being sandbagged, Kosub got many calls from angry listeners who didn’t like how he was treated and they told him, “you have my vote.” Corte’s handing the race to Kosub with behavior like this! Let’s seal the victory….spread the word and vote KOSUB!

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3 Replies to “RADIO WAR: Debate gets ugly, Ricci Ware Show shafts Kosub”

  1. David Ramos

    It’s amazing that Frank Corte is running away from his own record of voting. It’s bad enough that his votes clear the path for more tolls and essentially pave the way for higher toll rates. It’s very easy for anyone to check his voting record — he should be booted from office (if for no other reason than being disingenuous with his own constituency)

    Dave R.

  2. Ron Rankin

    You go Tony !!!
    You have my vote.

    The Pro-Tollers are dishonest and have lost touch with what is best for the people. They have fallen into bed with Gov. Perry and his cohorts and have had one too many gulps of their cool aid. In my opinion, Gov Perry has done nothing but feather his post-political retirement nest at the expense of the citizens who put him into office. He has done more damage to the Republican party in Texas than can be repaired in decades. Those who have conspired with him to do this shameful thing should be run out of office and/or placed in jail. Thank you, Tony, for stepping up to battle these forces.

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