Ron Paul's message of limited govt, return to Constitution striking a chord

“Ron Paul’s extraordinary fundraising success is a clear sign that there is a yearning by the Republican grassroots for the party to return to its historic small-government roots. Paul’s message of limited government, free markets and peace obviously has touched a chord. Perhaps the other candidates and the big-government conservatives in Washington should take notice.” —Michael TannerRead about how his grassroots supporters (not his campaign) raised $4.2 million in a SINGLE DAY to assure Ron Paul a place in the top tier and ultimately a place in history if he makes it to the White House.

Ron Paul on the Trans Texas Corridor/NAFTA Superhighways: “The ultimate goal is not simply a superhighway, but an integrated North American Union–complete with a currency, a cross-national bureaucracy, and virtually borderless travel within the Union. Like the European Union, a North American Union would represent another step toward the abolition of national sovereignty altogether.” – October 30, 2006

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  1. Texan_ Patriot_Frank

    I am attracted to Ron Paul’s Liberialism Ideals of Government. He is not the First Libertatian to Seek Higher Office, & his Ideals or Not of The Republican Party (as mistakenly implied), but maybe he is the First Libertatian to be “trying” run on a Republican ticket.
    Lately I have been doing much research on the Whole US. History, as far back to a decade before the Revolutionary War. I have been dumbfounded at what we have been miss-taught in our Public Schools & what “We Were Never Taught”. My Intention was to get back to the “Real-&-Original-Constutional Intent of the American Union, that formed the United States of America out of 13 original colonies. The reading is not only facinating & enlightening but it is filled with heroic stories that no recent fictional drama has competed with.

    America, as the 13 Original Colonies, Petitioned the King of England with the intent to have him & Parliment redress issues related to unfair & unrepresented taxation, jail without trial by jury of peers, loss of property, violation of simple civil liberties & eventually the Violation of the Soveriengty of the Colonies by Invasion. Ideals the Original Patraiots felt were gauranteed them under British rule and as a separate intinity of the Crown. Texans are Facing Violations of Their States Constitution as Well as Violations of The US. Constutition, under which we are to be governed.

    California was sucessful in it’s Recall and Over-Throw of a “Dictator Like Debt Creating Governor & Corrupt Congress” and the People did Rise Up And Throw The Bumbs Out, In the form of a Statewide Recall and Election of A New Executive Officer (and Reformer). California is Arising From the Ashes of Indebtedness & Greed of Politicians & is (Individually as a State) Stronger then it was 5 years ago.

    Texas Is Due — A Rebirth & The Reclaimation of Our Constutitional Rights (Under the Texas Constution & The American Constitution) & ReStoration of Leadership By-the-People-Of-the People-For-The-People. Our State Constutition is being Walked On & Edited to Fit-the-Needs-of-a-Few & Our State is Being Stolen ‘out-from-under-us’, and our liberties are being makred “forsale”. Our Liberty Is At Risk as it has not been in The Decades Since Joinming the Union, by A King-Like Tyrant Governor & Congress with passing of Grevious Acts that Harm the State Hood and Republic, that is Texas !!!

    When Will Texans Hear The Rumbling In The Distance? Is The Noise Just Thunder, Or The Placement Of The King’s Gunnery Units, Prior To A Full and Impending Revolt By The People, That The King Knows will come? Is Governor Rick Perry Setting Up House as if “He IS The King of Texas”? Has he Been Elected One Too Many Times & Feels He “and The System” are unbeatable, therefore making him ‘King-by-default’?

    Texas Does Not Have a Sympathtic Government (of Governor) Listening to The Grievances of the Executive Branch and the Legislatures’ That Have: Oppressed The Free Will Of Texans To Active Participation in Fair & Open Govenrment & Need To Redress Acts & Laws Repeeled to Correct & these Un-Constitutional Acts against the People & the State That Are In Clear Violation of The Constutition of Texas. Grievances, by the Governor & Administration, Against The State of Texas and the People thereof, have hitherto been ineffectual, have fallen on Deaf Ears of Our Governor & Government In Austin Texas & remain without remedy this 15th Day of November. We have Petitioned the Higher Courts of The United States of America, to Address Constutional Rights Provided all of the Severla States, as a Party of The Union, under several ongoing actrions.

    It Is Time To: Put Gov. Perry On Public Notice (In All Forms Of Free-Wriotten Speach), Announcing of the Errors of his leadership. Formally & Publicly Petition Him and the Senate & Congress in austin, to redress Acts Taken Against the State & It’s People (who elected them). Formally List Each And Every Offence And Infringement By Governor Perry & The Administration: That Has Resulted In Loss Of Liberty, Exessive Taxation (without representation), Passing of Ammendments to the Texas Constitution (That Violate the Intent of Same) & Allow The ‘Creation of Debts & Spend Government Policy Without Budgetary Considerations’, Creating Secret Government Agnecise/Agents/Agendas That Harm The State & Texan’s (That The People are not privey to the meetings or Real-Detail or in some cases that an Angency exist), A Clear And Evident Intention to Surrender the Sovereignty of The State of Texas & Create a Boarderless Union with a Foreign Country (that is not America) & without the Consent or Counsel or Representation of the People (Trans-Texas-Cooridor), Creating Ingress & Egress Rights-of-way that Are Excessively Taxed (tolled) & Infinge on Freedom of Movement of The People (liberty, freedom to move relocate without taxation/cost) and are Intended to Allow Unrestricted and Virtually Borderless travel in Violation of Our Sovereignity as A State/Republic and a Member State of the United States Of America, Colusion & Conspiracy [by creating secret binding contracts] with Foreign Enterprises (Governments &/or Bussinesses), that have no allegiance to The State of Texas or The United States of America & without the concent of The Seated & Elected Congress of the United States of America or the People of Texas. The Honorable Governor of Texas and his Current Congress in Austin Texas, are placing the Union of Texas with America at Risk as they Tread On Our Texas Constitution (by modifing Laws & Edicts) to Fit Their Immediate Bennifit & Greed, without the Whole of The Several States (The Union of States & US. Congress) being considered. We are approaching nearer & nearer a time that the Governor will “Face A Texas Tea Party”.

    I hope this will awaken more Texas Patriots and Americans to the Plight we are facing in our Governent that has forsaken ‘rule by the people’. If the Trans-Texas Corridor & NAFTA Super Highways are indeed a part of a secret “North American Union”, Americans better wake up now and Texans need To Act Now or forever lose our freedom. “….in defiance of every hazard, with unabating firmness and perseverence, employ for the preservation of our liberties; being with one mind resolved to die freemen rather than to live slaves,” John Hancock; 3rd President of the Continental Congress of the United Colonies of America & 1st President of the Continental Congress of the United States of America

    A Fellow Texan Patraiot

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