Rumors of Governor's threat to call special session if HB 1892 isn't changed

The Quorum Report and the Austin American Statesman are reporting a deal is being brokered between Transportation Committee Chairman John Carona and the Governor over the private toll moratorium/county powers bill HB 1892. However, what we are hearing from insiders is that the provisions being negotiated DON’T TOUCH the moratorium or the Carona provisions deemed “killer” by the pro-tollers. Overall, there are clearly the votes to override, the Governor knows it, and our senators/reps will not accept a lesser bill, only HB 1892 or better.

Keep the pressure on…who knows what threats from this Governor are still to come.

See who to call or what to do here.

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  1. Patricia A. Jones

    Governor GoodHair goes too far! Did he win with a majority of the vote this past November? NO, he did not. Only 39% of Texas voters put him back into office. Now he threatens to hold our Legislature hostage until they do as he commands. He tells them to buy “trip insurance” if they have prepaid for a vacation this summer because he will be calling special sessions until he gets his way on HB1892. His outrageous behavior is being uncovered and exposed to the light of day. I would like to quote U. S. District Judge, Anna Diggs Taylor in closing. “There are no hereditary kings in America and no powers not created by the Constitution.”

  2. Esteban Erik Stipnieks

    Perhaps we need to pay our senators and reps way to Shreveport?

    Or better yet if they call special session why don’t they discuss a real matter of far greater importance…..Gov Good Hair’s IMPEACHMENT AND REMOVAL!

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