San Antonio real estate hard hit in areas slated for toll roads

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This is one time where I wish a prediction weren’t right. From the beginning, we’ve been concerned that toll roads will diminish home values, and as this article attests, that’s precisely what’s happening right now in north central Bexar County. Stone Oak and even the Hill Country further north is fast becoming a ghost town. In certain areas, there are nearly as many homes with “for sale” signs as there are homes without.

Traffic…Toll Roads Threat Keeps Some From Buying Beyond Loop 410
What do toll roads and real estate have in common? Nothing? Something? Plenty
By Larry Nolan Stewart
Real Estate News
February 6, 2008

As if things were not tough enough, selling your home in some areas around San Antonio can be complicated by the growing unpopularity of driving north on U. S. Highway 281 or west on IH-10. There are many who claim that over development and under planning have created a traffic mess that turns many buyers in other directions. By the time house hunters navigate to Stone Oak and points beyond, for a simple house hunt they envision their investment of many hours of time and dollars on fuel just to go to and from work in the city. Time conscious real estate professionals are not wild about the drive either. As a drive to the Texas Hill Country turns into a drive into the “paved over” Texas Hill Country the song of the hills grows weak to some buyers.

The trip to Boerne is about the same. When you get there you reach a nice small town that is being turned into little San Antonio. The traffic jams are a revenue builder for law enforcement as frustrated drivers finally get a stretch of open road and put the hammer down! The rearview mirror turns red and the blood pressure goes up when a host of DPS, county sheriffs and others lay in wait for the hapless motorists to finally see an end to stop and go traffic.

This is not to say don’t go. My comments are simply a reflection of what I see and hear. Buyers are discovering China Grove and Lavernia to the east and Wilson County down around Floresville. There is life in the other than north directions. Inside Loop 410 is looking better to many.

Buyers seeking the country life would do well to assess the situation and make certain that the trade off is one they can be happy with.

TexDot and many local politicians have been dictating toll roads as “THE” solution rather than “A” solution. Activists like Terri Hall the San Antonio Toll Party, R. G. Griffing, a.k.a. “Dr. Dan the Scandal Man” at his San Antonio Lightning on line newspaper, and our local talk radio hosts have created so much media attention to TexDot and Governor Perry’s toll road agenda, a few Texas Senators have made scathing critical comments to and about TexDot. We should remember that we did not hear much from the senators when the toll roads fight was young. Could it be that their wrath is real or is it a case of checking to see which way the wind is blowing after the above local champions for honesty did the senators jobs for them? Don’t fall into unconditional love with the lawmakers over this sudden swing against TexDot. They still need constant watching. Let them know that you expect changes.

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  1. Melbourne homes for sale

    Growing pains are hard. But when the hurricane comes and 500,000 people are on the roads trying to get out of Texas you will appreciate the infrastructure and the roads. The roads will allow for more business and growth. Yes it will change the landscape and thats the hard part. Some areas will be blighted for eminent domain and thats even harder. We do need planning of roads to coincide with growth of housing industry otherwise its grid lock for all.

    So if there another San Antonio isn’t it one of the most visited areas in Texas its a good thing.

  2. Esteban Erik Stipnieks

    I am sure that even though things are still going well where I work…they will slow down and the developer will rotate eastward. The ground is cheaper to buy there and cheaper to build on.

    Now one thing this TExas hilljack wonders is why idiots wanted to build in the hillcountry anyway. I love the beauty of it. It takes 22 acres to support 1 cow. The land was held by German goat herders. The simple fact of the matter is there is a reason why Bulverde and Smithson Valley were developed much later. The climate is harsher 5 degrees colder no topsoil and more vulnrable to blue northers.

    Ok back to tolls it is asinine to think high dollar houses will be built in high tax areas. I work at an unnamed development off Borgfeld road. The term is telecommuting. Fibre optic cable high speed interent is a standard feature at multiple points and yes some of the professional in the neighborhood use it. THink aboutit folks

  3. phil

    Am relocating to SA area. Read your article, interesting. Most realtors seem to favor showing listings in this north central corridor you write about. I thought the 281 toll road would help alleviate traffic conjestion going north? Thereby increasing values – making it more accessible? Your article seems to indicate the opposite impact. What’s up with that?
    “Trying to understand SA real estate locations Phil”

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