4 Replies to “See 281 lawsuit press conference on You Tube!”

  1. Betty Barr

    Thank you so much for all you and your group do. My family has lived out here for 25 years and we have seen a lot. What did happen to our overpasses?

    Where can we purchase the t-shirts and buttons please let people know.

    Keep up the good work and stay on the radio we get so much information that way. We have a daughter in Austin that can not leave her home with getting on a toll if she wants to get on an expressway. Go Governor Perry and his group!

  2. Gordon Polk

    What a shame! Our “elites” are having to put up with ordinary, voting citizens protesting some of their decisions.

  3. Christine Pierson

    Terri….You are WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! You are so articulate and professional…and so perfect at clearly stating the obvious….Please know that tons and tons of people back your every word and appreciate all of your time and effort….You put those morons in their place….They truly think we are all stupid….Don’t let one word out of their pathetic money grubbing mouths discourage you! After you conquer them…go for Mayo….You’ll definitely Win…You Go Girl!!!!!!

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