Seven in 10 Americans say economy getting worse, site high gas prices

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We’ve been connecting these dots since the gas price hike after Katrina. We’ve also noted the negative savings rate gripping our Nation for over a year (not seen since the Great Depression and even then the negative savings rate didn’t last this long). Lastly, we’ve also noted the growing backlash to our country’s failed trade & immigration policies that have led to depressed American wages and loss of quality jobs. TxDOT’s own toll viability studies show many of these toll projects will go belly up (will no longer be financially viable since there will not be enough people with the discretionary income high enough to pay the tolls) if gas is above $3 a gallon, and yet here we are at $3 a gallon and on they march in defiance of the public interest and in violation of their fiduciary duty.

GALLUP: 7 in 10 Americans Say Economy Is ‘Getting Worse’

By E&P Staff

Published: June 19, 2007 11:40 AM ET

NEW YORK A new Gallup Poll will only reinforce those who claim that while the rich get richer most Americans don’t feel they are sharing in the growth in our economy. The stock market may be climbing and the unemployment remains relatively low, but 7 in 10 Americans believe the economy is getting worse — the most negative reading in nearly six years.

Only one in three Americans rate the economy today as either excellent or good, while the percentage saying the economy is getting better fell from 28% to 23% in one month.

Gallup adds: “For the first time this year, a majority of Americans are negative about the employment market, saying it is a bad time to find a quality job.”

The 70% negative rating is up 10 points since April. Also, just in the past month, there has been a significant five-point drop, from 28% to 23%, in the percentage saying conditions are getting better.

“When asked about the most pressing financial problems their family faces today, Americans mention healthcare costs, lack of money or low wages, and oil and gas prices,” Gallup reports. “Healthcare costs are mentioned by 16% of Americans while 13% say low wages and 11% say oil and gas prices. These percentages are virtually unchanged from last month.”

The survey of 1,007 adults was taken June 11 to 14.