Slanted survey says we want higher transportation taxes….what?

This is the exact opposite of what a scientific poll conducted by Texas Lyceum said. Texans don’t want tolls or higher gas taxes! Read more here.

Survey Regarding Taxes and Infrastructure
SAMPO Fasttrack Newsletter
March 2009

A new survey suggests that Americans realize infrastructure is in bad shape and 68 percent would pay more taxes to help fund highway and bridge maintenance and new construction. About 1,000 Americans were polled earlier this month for the survey commissioned by HNTB Corp.

More than four in five (81 percent) respondents say making sacrifices to pay for infrastructure improvements now will make the difference between a more prosperous or a more difficult future for the next generation.

The average American would pay $22 a month to cut down on the time they spend in traffic by 20 percent, says the survey.

Other findings include:

• When asked about infrastructure spending in the economic stimulus package, 60 percent said highway and bridge maintenance and new construction was most important to them
• 81 percent think the expansion of high-speed rail and light rail transit systems can transform U.S. travel and commerce like the Interstate Highway System did during the 20th century
• 50 percent believe spending on highway projects should equal spending on public transportation
• 66 percent think freight and passenger traffic should be separated on the roads and rails

Credit: Washington Business Journal