Sparks fly at MPO as McNeil strips agenda item repudiating TxDOT's ad campaign

Link to YouTube video of the knock em out drag em out between David Leibowitz, Carlos Uresti, Tommy Adkisson and pro-toll, pro-TxDOT McNeil. Uresti finishes her off in this YouTube edition.

For those who believed the City Councilmembers when they claimed who was the next Chair of the MPO didn’t have anything to do with tolls, today’s MPO meeting blows a gaping hole through that notion. MPO Chair and City Councilwoman Sheila McNeil stripped an item from today’s agenda AFTER the 72 hour open meetings minimum requirement! Representative David Leibowitz requested a vote to repudiate TxDOT’s ad campaign and lobbying of Congress, and she wrote him a letter denying a vote but said she’d place it on the agenda and the Board oculd vote on whether or not to vote on it at the October meeting. Then she pulled a fast one at the last minute and pulled the item altogether!

State Senator Carlos Uresti came to Leibowitz’ defense and caught McNeil in her contradictions as to the reason she stripped the item. Commissioner Tommy Adkisson also defended Leibowitz’ right to place an item on the agenda. McNeil claimed unilateral authority to set the meeting agenda. She did her usual, “we can get together to talk about it” for anyone who disagrees with her or TxDOT in an attempt to silence all dissension.
Link to Express-News story on it here.

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  1. Dan Ramos

    I heard that there is a political agenda to be observed here. The word is that Shiela will chanllenge Tommy next election. Is there no mechanism in this type of proceeding whereby the ruling of the chair can be appealed to the body as a whole? Roberts Rules is the essence of any democratic procedure.

  2. Gary Conner

    Does this violate the open meetings act?
    Any lawyers out there not on TXDOT payroll who could find out? Surely TXDOT hasn’t hired every State Bar member as “outside counsel” aleady have they?

  3. Evan Villegas

    McNeil is a fascist, and a sell out. She stands for big business and special interests. The can’t get out of office soon enough.

  4. Beverly Smith

    I live in toll town, Plano……..

    Is there a list of all the ones in San Antonio that will get a free pass and not have to pay tolls? You should ,if you haven’t already see the list printed in the Dallas Morning News how many are getting a freebie here in Dallas and Plano and I’m sure Frisco too for supporting the tollroads.

    Good luck and thanks for being a true citizen and taking on the Texas Piranha’ Party of Perry!t

  5. David Galvan

    What a slap in the face of democracy! This toll tax will fall on the shoulders of the poor, once again the poor will pay so the rich can play. But what is amazing is how those who should be looking out for the rights of all will sell out their own. What did she have to fear about Liebowitz’s resolution? How can it hurt that the the will of the people is expressed?It is also surprising that some Republicans in sheep’s clothing will support taxes if they fall mainly on the low income workers and the middle class.Does not McNeil recognize what damage she does to her own credibility?Has she been promised one of Taxdot’s “free” passes to ride the toll roads for free? How dishonest! I bet her “voice mail” is full today!

  6. Bill Bailey


    The good ole boys picked a “yes” lady for the chair. Wonder what she will get in return ?


  7. Esteban Erik Stipnieks

    I do not think Dr Martin Luther King Jr was imprisoned, beaten and killed so that someone who claims his legacy would so blatantly violate a law that is supposed to hold goverment accountable to we the people(no matter what our skin color)

    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” judge this posting by that statement not by my dual ethnicity heritige with one side of the family well aware of the darkness behind the word Soviet.

    The open meetings act all the laws in both the states and the federal level were to get goverment accountable. They were fought for by LULAC and the NAACP councilwoman McNeil forgot that when she so blatantly violated it. The character revealed by her actions is one significantly short of those who wrote that scripture compels our civil actions whether it be aiding the poor or standing up against corrupt who like McNeil seek to use the coerrvice power the state (TEX DOT) to line their wallets(highway lobby).

    It is a good thing Dr.King is in heaven the actions of councilwoman McNeil are meaningless to him right now and beyond his knowledge. Her actions were as great of an insult as Elean Guajrado’s actions to his name.

  8. Glen Bliss

    This is outragious and someone should look at how corupt this whole political process has become. Without desention we have tyrany. The people of this city and surrounding affected counties should be allowed to talk…and they will eventually at the election booth. All of the pro-tollers should be thrown out of office. Who are supporting then and giving them money for their election coffers. The people have a right to know!

  9. Babbie Migl

    I think that almost everybody in ANY position of authority (especially our legislators) have become prostitutes to big business and what appears to be orgainzed crime. The only solution is a taxpayers revolution and I believe that we can begin with TURf. We need to join, donate and get all of our friends and family to do the same. Thank you Terri Hall for paving the way for WE THE PEOPLE to fight for our rights!

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