State Rep. Joe Pickett: TxDOT trampled on us!

Check out this scathing letter to the editor from State Representative Joe Pickett in El Paso to the Austin-American Statesman. Link to it here (scroll down to Pickett’s letter):

TxDOT trampled on us
On June 29, a group of elected officials from the El Paso area appeared before the Texas Transportation Commission to oppose the creation of a Regional Mobility Authority. Our regional Metropolitan Planning Organization voted against creating a toll authority.

The Congress member in our area opposes creating a mobility authority, as does the county judge-elect. Do you think the Texas Department of Transportation honored the decision of the local planning organization? No way. It is the state’s way or the highway, I mean tollway. It gets worse, 30 minutes after the vote was taken in El Paso against a mobility authority, a TxDOT commissioner called a road contractor and threatened to kill a pending project if they didn’t get the mobility authority in line. Then TxDOT threatened the state of New Mexico by saying it would kill a joint railroad relocation study because some of our planning organization members who voted against the mobility authority are from New Mexico.

Chairman El Paso area
Metropolitan Planning Organization
El Paso