Strayhorn takes on Perry's mischaracterization of state's coffers; she announces $4.3 billion in surplus

Guess what a HUGE multi-BILLION dollar surplus means? We’re being overtaxed in spite of all the wasteful spending in Austin! It also means we don’t need to raise taxes for school reform! More good news…we don’t need to pay Perry’s lifetime toll tax on FREEways either!

Strayhorn takes on Perry’s mischaracterization of state’s coffers

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  1. Grady McClung

    Rick Perry is acting out the stereotypical Republican role that the liberals always accuse conservatives of: big business first, lie to the public, and act like Big Brother in a government-knows-best way.

    He is stealing from the poor and giving to the rich, forcing tax payers to pay twice for toll roads that he will force them to use (by removing or degrading the alternatives) and signing secret deals with foreign owned companies to take Texan’s property for private profit. Those private companies then have total control over the tolls collected, the ‘free (access) lanes’ left for those who cannot afford the Toll roads fees (including, I might add, ALL alternative routes), and the ability of the local municipalities to collect any revenue thereon. No government official will have any control over these roads, and therefore nor will the public.

    I am offended by Perry’s lies, his blatand dismissal of the concept of fair play, the public’s will, and what is best for the citizen. He is now an example of the worst a public servant can be: one who thinks he is actually a public master, and can toy with people’s lives at a whim in the manner of some medieval noble using the serfs as pawns for conquest.

    I have voted Republican ever since I came of age to do so; this behavior will change that record in the coming elections. I cannot remain a conservative and support such corruption. Like the Founding Fathers of old, Texans must pledge their fortunes, their lives, and their sacred honor to prevent this injustice: taxation without representation.

    I am mad, and I’m not gonna take it anymore.

  2. Vickey

    I thought it was the Comptroller’s job to advise both the governor and the public the amount of excess or lack of money in the budget!

    Just who’s job is it?

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