Three TxDOT employees brought up on bribery charges

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3 TxDOT employees face bribery charges
BROWNSVILLE — Three Texas Department of Transportation workers in the Rio Grande Valley were arrested Thursday on federal charges of accepting bribes for road-sweeping contracts.

Cresenciano “Chano” Falcon, 56, of Edinburg, a district maintenance administrator, and highway inspectors Ray Llanes, 50, of San Benito, and Noe Beltran, 42, of San Juan, took between $200 and $2,000 in cash to steer work to a certain contractor, according to an indictment unsealed just before the arrests.

Falcon is accused of accepting $2,000 and Llanes and Beltran $200 each for contracts said to be worth at least $5,000.

Beltran and Falcon are free on bail following an initial court appearance. Llanes’ initial court appearance is scheduled for today.

4 Replies to “Three TxDOT employees brought up on bribery charges”

  1. Esteban Erik Stipnieks

    Well in regards to this while David Casteel gets promoted I also have to mention the antics of TEX DOT senior leadership an appropriate Bob Dylan quote comes to mind

    “Steal a little and they throw you in jail steal a lot and they make you king”-Bob Dylan from the song
    “Whats a Woman like You…doing in a dump like this”

  2. David Galvan

    Just goes to show the mentality of TxDot, we are just here to give them a job they can use to scam the public.I wonder, does Rick Perry get a “rake off”, or does he just have his bribes directly deposited in an “offshore” account? We need a serious and meaningful investigation of the Governor and ALL his friends! Why not identify the “contractor” and prosecute him also, where is his name? What are his connections? We all know we are sitting on the tip of the iceberg of a massive corruption scandal that all the “sandbagging” in the world won’t hold back. We are being ripped off daily, and every day that we allow these crooks to make the rules with our money is a day when we have to be ashamed, ashamed that we didn’t have the time, or we were too tired, too much to do…This is OUR future, and the future of our children. So, when you are out busting your ass, everyday, making less and doing more, sweating, digging, working, building, creating a life for your family, just remember, how hard did you have to work today so that Rick Perry and his corporate buddies can show off to each other the cars, houses, drugs, and prostitutes they bought with the tax dollars YOU worked for while they laughed at you behind the closed and locked doors of TxDot.

  3. Chuck Roast

    Looks like they were simply in training for upper management positions.
    Why do the top dogs get away while the little ones get indicted? Because of the lack of access of citizens to the Grand Jury members in Travis County- – – that’s why!

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