Throw the BUMS out! MPO votes to toll AGAIN…

More details to come, but here’s the list of the MPO members who voted to toll your EXISTING FREEWAYS despite 800 people packing the room and one hundred testifying AGAINST tolls. In total there was 5 and a half hours of testimony against tolling our existing freeways, 13 MPO Board members still voted in favor. Only 7 people testified in favor of tolls, and they were the Greater Chamber of Commerce, the North Chamber of Commerce and those who work for the highway lobby. It was over 90% AGAINST tolls. This should sound the alarm quite clearly that our elected officials no longer represent us. It’s taxation without representation!

Let’s issue pink slips to the elected officials and FAST!

Senator Jeff Wentworth
Commissioner Kevin Wolff

Commissioner Chico Rodriguez

Councilman John Clamp

Councilman Ray Lopez

Councilman (of Selma) William Weeper

Plus City appointees:

Mary Briseno (Via)

Rick Pych (Via)

Majed Al-Ghafrey

Mike Frisbie

(2) TxDOT votes

Joe Aceves (county employee)


State Representative David Leibowitz

Commissioner Tommy Adkisson

Mayor of Leon Valley Chris Riley

Councilwoman Jennifer Ramos

Councilman Reed Williams

4 Replies to “Throw the BUMS out! MPO votes to toll AGAIN…”

  1. Marti Amos

    1) Who is Jeff Wentworth’s opponent? I would like to support that person!

    2) When is Kevin Wolff running for reelection? I want to support his opponentl His lie that he was opposed to toll roads is appaling!!!

    Thank you for your great work and letting us know what is happening!

    Marti Amos

  2. Grumpy in Austin

    Isn’t it great when unelected commissions can steal your money and otherwise ignore public opinion and get away with it!

    Since I’m a resident of the Austin metro area, I sure can feel your pain. I just cannot understand why each major project is not presented for voter approval/rejection by individual referendum instead of being managed by appointed puppet entities.

    Shouldn’t we as the taxpayers/voters have the final say?

  3. Jean M. Heide

    There’s too much “good ol’ boy” policitics going on in the background with these toll roads. Too many close associations in other areas (conflicts of interest?) between those who vote to support them. Any why would you even have TxDOT employees/supervisors even sitting on the Board? If that’s not a conflict of interest, I don’t know what is.

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