Toll Party formally endorses Macias for State Representative


SA Toll Party endorses Macias for State Rep for District 73

(Comal County, TX, February 11, 2008) – State Representative Nathan Macias (R – Dist 73) is pleased to announce the endorsement by the San Antonio Toll Party, a non-partisan grassroots group that advocates toll-free transportation solutions.

San Antonio Toll Party Founder, Comal County resident, and WOAI San Antonian of the Year for 2007, Terri Hall, shares why she enthusiastically endorses Representative Macias: “Representative Macias was one of only a handful of true heroes fighting toll roads in Austin. He took a stand for Texas drivers by working to keep our freeways toll-free.

“It’s been refreshing to see a State Representative who actually represents the concerns of the citizens. We wholeheartedly support Representative Macias’ principled leadership and understanding of the issues. The highway lobby would like to see him go, but we’ll work to send him back to Austin to secure the reforms needed in transportation policy.

Representative Macias holds a degree in Civil Engineering and sits on the House Transportation Committee. He fought to keep public freeways from coming under the control of foreign companies by co-authored a private toll moratorium bill that had teeth to it, HB 1892, which the Governor vetoed.

Macias then worked to kill the counterfeit moratorium bill advanced by the Governor, SB 792, that opened the door to market-based tolls which Express-News columnist Jaime Castillo described this way: “If you want to raise funds for other projects, keep jacking up the toll price until drivers cry ‘uncle,’ and then back it off a penny or two” (Express News, July 22, 2007).

Macias also demanded accountability and open government by working to defeat a provision allowing TxDOT to keep financial documents secret from the public. Every freeway into and out of District 73 is slated to be tolled. As Macias visits with constituents across the district, toll roads remain one of the top concerns. “People do not want tolls on existing corridors and they want accountability at TxDOT,” insists Macias.

Macias is seeking his second term as State Representative and he received many accolades during his first term in office, including Freshman Legislator of the Year by his fellow Republican legislators, “Taxpayer Hero” by Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, “Conservative Leader” by the Heritage Alliance, appeared on the “Honor Roll” of the Young Conservatives of Texas, and also earned their designation as “Rookie of the Year” in the Texas House. Macias is recognized as a “Champion for Free Enterprise” by the Texas Association of Business.

A lifelong conservative, Nathan is committed to serving in Austin to keep freeways free, improve education, lower property taxes and make state government more accountable.

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  1. Ken

    I wish we had more Representatives in Austin like Nathan Macias. He is truly principled. I do not know much about his aopponent but I heard he was recruited by the road builders and money changers. All I know is the guy raised a taxes a number of times as a city council man in New Braunsfel. I think we should stick with Macias.

    Ken Browns

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