Toll Party stages HUGE upsets sending tollers packing!

See complete list of races where we won or made it to the run-offs statewide: here.

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Toll Party helps tip the scale in HUGE upset of toller Carter Casteel!

New Braunfels, TX, March 8, 2006 – In what could be called a coup, the San Antonio Toll Party and the Texas Toll Party exercised their political muscles in the primaries yesterday and came up with two key victories in unseating tollers State Representative for District 73 Carter Casteel and Travis County Commissioner Karen Sonleitner. Nathan Macias won by a hair, only 45 votes, to upset incumbent Casteel.

“There can be NO doubt, in a race that close, our votes helped tip the scales in Macias’ favor! We energized folks who normally don’t vote in the primaries to get out and de-elect tollers despite the two independent races, and we scored a HUGE VICTORY!” said an elated Terri Hall, Regional Director SA “Carter Casteel WAS my State Represenative and she stubbornly REFUSED to listen to her constituents on the toll issue. We sent her packing! Macias beat her 2 to 1 outside New Braunfels (Casteel’s stronghold).”

Though Casteel tried to make the campaign about who funded her opponent, at the end of the day, it’s votes not money that wins elections. SA Toll and the Texas Toll Party have now earned some serious political capital they intend to bring into the general election November 7.

“Rick Perry has been put on notice, and Strayhorn is well on her way,” Hall noted. “All politicians are on notice that if you refuse to represent the will of the supermajority of Texans, you’ll be thrown out of office!”

There was clearly an anti-incumbent backlash that began last night. Incumbents were tossed out in at least 5 house races and, notably, Senator Frank Madla on the senate side.


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  1. Herman Huebenthal

    The Will of the “We The People” has shown it’s teeth and now those who misrepresent us, bear the bite mark of justice. “All politicians are on notice that if you refuse to represent the will of the super-majority of Texans, you’ll be thrown out of office!” Sometime we have to make a stand against those that have power over us and remind them how they got that “Power”.


  2. Grady McClung

    WE DID IT!!!

    Against incredible odds, against the will of the professional politicians and bureaucrats, and against the big money of the highway lobby, the voters in our district spoke loud and clear: “WE do not want Toll Roads on Existing Highways!”

    Mr. Perry, we are coming for you. You have evaded, lectured, preached, and outright lied about Toll Roads. Stay on the wrong side of the issue at your political peril.

    Arrogant politicians are wondering what happened. After all, Toll Road conversions were a done deal. They made it so. Well, now they are beginning to find out that they report to the voters, and the voters are not as dumb as they thought.

    Now is the time to rally and get the truth out about this issue. The more people know about it, the quicker they scramble to the polls to vote against it!

  3. James Westover

    Congratulations to the SA Toll Party and Texas Toll Party for their successes. Texas does not need toll roads.

    I would caution backing Strayhorn though. She wants to push a state tax. Isn’t there a 4th candidate?

  4. terrih Post author

    I’ve not heard her say one word about raising taxes, in fact, she believes the state takes in enough money. Spending is what’s out of control. She’s the one who discovered a $4.3 billion SURPLUS in the Treasury. We don’t need our taxes raised and she has a plan to reform school finance without raising taxes as well…

    See the news article about the surplus:

    See this post as to the specifics of why we support her:

  5. Jim Cheshire

    Terri and your group have done a great job in making those of us who want to rein in taxing and spending within the State of Texas aware of our power to effect change. You may have finally awakened the silent majority in Texas to exercise that power. I am happy to report that my daughter’s and husband’s combined votes in Comal County played a part in removing Casteel. My wife and I held the line with our vote in our area north of 1604 and along Hwy 281. I had made my wife and my views clear, along with several of my neighbors in Encino Park, when we were interviewed by Bruce Kates a few days before the toll road bombshell emerged from Austin. Bruce Kates, in conjunction with the television station he worked for at the time, were the first to smell the “Toll Road” rat traversing the halls of the State Capitol. However, I remain seriously concerned the no one ran against Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolfe, who I consider to be our major problem of taxing, toll roads, and numerous other revenue building efforts. Has he been targeted by your group to respond to our demands ?

    Please keep up the good work. I read all of your email reports,

    Regards, JC

  6. Terry M. Hikel

    It’s about time the voters in Texas woke up, and realized that these politicians are not there to help us. Their whole purpose is to get reelected and fill thier own pockets.

    Texans arise and send them home to live under the laws that they pass. You see what they did about property relief.

  7. Dean Collier

    We just took some stitches out of the bottom of some of the deep pockets.

    remember why you were elected, because we will not be sheep any longer. Perry you’re next!

  8. Charlotte Willis

    Thanks, Terri for all your hard work….no toll roads in Texas. We live on 1604 by SeaWorld and it is still a 2-lane freeway. Construction fell behind by years, not months. It shouldn’t mean that we need to pay taxes again. Thanks for keeping us informed on who is working for “the people”.

  9. Charles Lindsey

    I’m committed to vote against all pro-tollers and I carried my list of pro-tollers in the voting box and made sure I voted AGAINST all tollers, and I’ll do it again in the general election too. I’ll not mortgage our public roads to tollers for our children! Politicians Beware!!!!!

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