Toll Party stages HUGE upsets sending tollers packing!

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Toll Party helps tip the scale in HUGE upset of toller Carter Casteel!

New Braunfels, TX, March 8, 2006 – In what could be called a coup, the San Antonio Toll Party and the Texas Toll Party exercised their political muscles in the primaries yesterday and came up with two key victories in unseating tollers State Representative for District 73 Carter Casteel and Travis County Commissioner Karen Sonleitner. Nathan Macias won by a hair, only 45 votes, to upset incumbent Casteel.

“There can be NO doubt, in a race that close, our votes helped tip the scales in Macias’ favor! We energized folks who normally don’t vote in the primaries to get out and de-elect tollers despite the two independent races, and we scored a HUGE VICTORY!” said an elated Terri Hall, Regional Director SA “Carter Casteel WAS my State Represenative and she stubbornly REFUSED to listen to her constituents on the toll issue. We sent her packing! Macias beat her 2 to 1 outside New Braunfels (Casteel’s stronghold).”

Though Casteel tried to make the campaign about who funded her opponent, at the end of the day, it’s votes not money that wins elections. SA Toll and the Texas Toll Party have now earned some serious political capital they intend to bring into the general election November 7.

“Rick Perry has been put on notice, and Strayhorn is well on her way,” Hall noted. “All politicians are on notice that if you refuse to represent the will of the supermajority of Texans, you’ll be thrown out of office!”

There was clearly an anti-incumbent backlash that began last night. Incumbents were tossed out in at least 5 house races and, notably, Senator Frank Madla on the senate side.