Toll Party to ARMA: We're not going away…represent us or expect toll projects to be tied up until you do

Governor Perry has no mandate…he’s weak, battered, and pathetic….

We come today very proud that the majority of Texans voted AGAINST this Governor. If anything, voters had too many anti-Perry choices. When 60% voted against this Governor…that didn’t happen by accident.

We also come today to send a clear message…we’re NOT going anywhere and this issue is not going away. This massive shift to tolls, especially on roads we’ve already paid for and for the Trans Texas Corridor transcends Party and has brought rural and urban Texans together in an unprecedented grassroots effort that now enjoys national attention and a resolution before Congress.

We have a documentary film made on this subject, that’s gripping and powerful and as we continue to educate more and more people through it and every other means, we continue to add more to our ranks. The more Texans and Americans who find out what’s going on, it’s a no-brainer to work to oppose every incarnation of this toll scheme. Carole Strayhorn made clear that we can relieve I-35 congestion without tolls and we can meet all of our transportation needs with our existing funds. This myth that we’re out of money or that there’s not enough for future needs is just that, a myth! Read Jerry Corsi’s article in Human Events just days ago that affirms this.

Many in the Legislature are hungry to rein in our out of control Department of Transportation and their obsession with tolling everything they can get their hands on regardless of what we, the taxpayers, want. Up until now, this body has not reached out to us, brought us to the table, and, frankly has not considered our alternatives or concerns. Our elected officials have reached out to us, and we’re receiving many invitations from politicians who are eager to sign-on to our legislative agenda. The hogs are still at the trough, so we have two choices: we, meaning you and the PEOPLE, either rein them in and you start listening to the people or we’ll tie up every toll road plan in town using whatever means at our disposal until you represent us! So our question is, are we going to continue in this fight with line in the sand stalwart opposition to one another, or are we going to find common ground with what the people want?

The people have spoken, the choice is yours.