Tolling Authority Chair calls "debt the breath of life"…see it on YouTube

At last week’s tolling authority Board meeting, Alamo RMA Chairman, Bill Thornton, not only called “debt the breath of life” invoking scripture where God breathed life into Adam, he admonished the Board and TxDOT that he will name names over any further delay of into getting into debt and moving dirt for the first toll roads in San Antonio. Now if that doesn’t offend you, I’m not sure what would! Since Thornton has become fond of quoting scripture, let’s remind how the Bible calls debt a CURSE, a far cry form the breath of life! Also, he speaks like a true government bureaucrat in a rush to get TAXPAYERS into debt (that can only be paid back BY US through extremely high market-based tolls) for roads we’ve already built and paid for and to “move dirt” as if that’s somehow progress. They’re going to bulldoze an existing, already paid for freeway and rebuild it to convert it into a tollway, and that’s “progress” according to our tolling authority Chair…only for road builders and government bureaucrats, Mr. Thornton!
Do these people hear themselves talk? They’re giddy about DOUBLE TAXING us and paying this unnecessary debt back with interest on toll roads just to go to work! If you can’t pay the toll…their answer to you even though you pay gas taxes and a host of other “fees” for highways is “you can eat cake” and be a second class citizen held hostage to gridlock (since ALL new road improvements will be tolled per the Transportation Commission Minute Order of Dec. 18, 2003).

View it yourself on YouTube!