Transportation Commission gives Alamo RMA $7.5 million in gas taxes to build toll roads!

Read the Express-News article.

Is Transportation Commissioner Ric Williamson nuts? He actually says we’re all warming up to the idea of his and the Governor’s freeway toll scheme. In fact, the more people know the truth behind these toll plans, the more incensed they become!

THEN in other news…

WHOPPING $661 million in taxpayer money to build SA toll roads!

As if it’s not bad enough that the Governor, Legislature, Transportation Commission, and RMAs are tolling already funded existing highways and right of way (DOUBLE TAXATION), they’re also using ENORMOUS amounts of gas tax money to build these behemoth projects we won’t be able to use without paying a toll, too! So should we call this TRIPLE TAXATION (tax to build original freeway, tax to build it as tollway, and tax to use it)?! Well, we finally found out the dollar figure. Are you sitting down? Approximately $661 million of YOUR money will build these roads all over town, yet you won’t be able to drive on them without a private company extorting toll taxes from you for your LIFETIME!

Write AND call the Governor (800) 252-9600 or by web mail and your State Representative to DEMAND this be STOPPED!

To find your representatives, click here.

If you live in the 281/1604 corridor, your State Reps are likely Rep. Frank Corte STREP123@aol.comor (210) 349-0320 or Joe Straus at joe.straus@house.state.tx.usor (210) 828-4411.

We’re tired of shell games, double talk, and outright LIES…it’s fix it or be removed from office. All of our State Reps are up for re-election with the primaries in March. We keep getting more of the same because these guys run unopposed. We need candidates to run against tollers to declare their candidacy very soon. Forward this email to everyone you know to STOP THIS RUNAWAY TAXATION!