Truckers to boycott Trans Texas Corridor

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Proposed Texas Toll Road Could Drive Away Truckers
From Transport Topics
December 4, 2006

A planned multi-billion dollar toll road in Texas that would recoup its costs by charging tolls may prompt truckers to avoid the highway, the Waco (Texas) Tribune-Herald newspaper reported Monday.

The proposed Trans-Texas Corridor was touted by backers as a way to ease congestion along Interstate 35 by taking some of the thousands of trucks that use I-35 each day, the paper said, but it quoted both independent and company drivers who said they would avoid the new road.

Trucks would pay 58.5 cents a mile to drive the 370-mile corridor, with the fees set by its international developer, Cintra-Zachry, the Tribune-Herald reported. Passenger cars would pay 15.2 cents per mile.

That company would spend $8.8 billion to build the road and pay the state $1.9 billion, then have the rights to recoup its expenses and make a profit by charging tolls on the road for 50 years, the paper said.

The Texas Department of Transportation unveiled a plan for the corridor in September. (Click here for previous coverage.) By Transport Topics

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  1. Eric

    If it is built, I will not drive on it, no one I know will drive on it. No one should drive on because it will be owned and managed by foreign governments, not the people of Texas. Again Zachry and the Spanish Company are the ones getting rich on this scheme. There should be a law against this.

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