"Truth Be Tolled" documentary on tolls & the TTC debuts

Read KSAT 12 coverage here. See the link to the Truth Be Tolled web site right on their home page (on the right).

Government has figured out a way to make money on public infrastructure. The plan is to convert existing Texas roadways into tollways and hand them over to foreign interests without a public vote. Many citizens are crying highway robbery.

Elected officials have passed laws unnoticed to simply pave the way. The political establishment is not listening to the people, but their voices will be heard.

This powerful documentary follows the process as citizens utilize their most important power as members of a democracy: freedom of speech and exercising their right to vote, especially when government goes awry and arrogantly ignores the will of the people.

View the trailer and send everyone you know to view the trailer and preview. Find out how to sponsor a screening here: www.truthbetolled.com.

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