TTH Endorsements & TURF – 2022 General Election Voter Guide

TURF honoredTexans Uniting for Reform & Freedom (TURF) compiled this Voter Guide to gauge candidates’ positions on toll roads, transportation policy (including accountability and transparency), and property rights. Based on each candidate’s answers to our survey, they received a grade.

NOTE: This guide includes contested races (so those with no opponent do not appear in this guide).*It also includes candidates who returned our survey in writing (filled out by the candidate him or herself). You can’t trust what they tell you until they’re willing to put it in writing (and even then we have trouble holding them to it!). Since so many candidates never fill out our survey, we also did our own research on some of these key races and also provide a ‘recommended list,’ not to be confused with Texans for Toll-free Highways’ actual endorsements based on its findings (NOT based on commitments made by the candidates in writing). So be forewarned, those candidates are considered the best option, but in no way implies they’ve signed onto our legislative agenda. The below candidates will appear on the General Election Ballot.

See the 2021 Texas TURF Report Card for the grade of every incumbent state legislator.

TURF honoredTURF – 2022 General Election Voter Guide

Early Voting: October 24 – November 4
Election Day: Tuesday, November 8

TTH endorsed Texans for Toll-free Highways Endorsements – 2022 Primary Election

U.S. Congress

House –

TTH endorsedCD 21 –
Chip Roy

Texas State

Senate –

TTH endorsedSD 2 –
Bob Hall

TTH endorsedSD 11 –
Mayes Middleton

House –

TTH endorsedHD 2 –
Bryan Slaton

TTH endorsedHD 6 –
Matt Schaefer

TTH endorsedHD 25 –
Cody Vasut

TTH endorsedHD 66 –
Matt Shaheen

TTH endorsedHD 73 –
Carrie Isaac

TTH endorsedHD 94 –
Tony Tinderholt

TTH endorsedHD 122 –
Mark Dorazio

TTH endorsedHD 136 –
Michelle Evans

US Congress

House –

CD 3 –
Keith Self – A

CD 21 –
Chip Roy – A+

CD 22 –
Troy Nehls – (recommended)

CD 24 –
Beth Van Duyne – (recommended)

CD 25 –
Roger Williams – (recommended)

CD 34 –
Mayra Flores – (recommended)

CD 36 –
Brian Babin (recommended)

Texas State

Governor –

Greg Abbott (recommended – He has kept toll proliferation at bay)

Beto O-Rourke

Lt. Governor –

Dan Patrick (recommended)

Attorney General –

Ken Paxton (recommended)

Land Commissioner –

Dawn Buckingham – A

Ag Commissioner –

Sid Miller – B

Railroad Commissioner –

Wayne Christian – A

Senate –

SD 1 –
Bryan Hughes – B

SD 2 –
Bob Hall – A+

SD 11 –
Mayes Middleton – A

SD 18 –
Lois Kolkhorst – B

SD 19 –
Robert Garza (recommended)

SD 31 –
Kevin Sparks (recommended)

House –

HD 6 –
Matt Schaefer – A

HD 10 –
Brian Harrison (recommended)

HD 19 –
Ellen Troxclair – A

HD 23 –
Patrick Gurski – C

HD 25 –
Cody Vasut – B

HD 62 –
Reggie Smith – B-

HD 66 –
Matt Shaheen – A

HD 73 –
Carrie Isaac – A (Signed Pledge)

HD 85 –
Stan Kitzman – A

HD 94 –
Tony Tinderholt – B+

HD 118 –
John Lujan – B (recommended)

HD 122 –
Mark Dorazio – A (Signed Pledge)

Local Races –

Bexar County Judge –
Peter Sakai – D (He has bought into the anti-car agenda of Mayor Ron Nirenberg and Sec of Transportation Pete Buttigieg)

Trish DeBerry – F (toll road queen with so many conflicts of interest even the San Antonio Express News told her to recuse herself from just about every vote as a commissioner)

Edgar Coyle – Libertarian (recommended)

Bexar County Commissioner –
Grant Moody (recommended)

Brazos County
Commissioner, Precinct 4 –
Timothy Delasandro– A+

Proposition B –
NO (This would increase drivers’ vehicle registration fee by $10 and give it to the Regional Mobility Authority, which is a toll entity. If you don’t want toll roads in Brazos County, vote ‘No’ on this or you’ll have a new toll bureaucracy that has eternal life through this vehicle registration fee hike whether or not they ever collect enough tolls to stay afloat!)