TURF makes top 20 headlines for 2007 & Hall named Political Person of the Year by Walker Report

Terri Hall-Walker Report’s “Political Person of the Year”

Dominating the top three headlines on Walker Report, (there were many more) it is a no-brainer to name Terri Hall the “Political Person of the Year.” The stay at home mom of six has made more impact, single-handedly on her community than anyone we know. She exemplifies the expression, “one person can make a difference.”
Walker Report salutes Terri Hall, “Political Person of the Year.”
Walker Report’s Top 20 Headlines of 2007
TURF dominated the top 3!
  1. Home Schooling Mom named San Antonian of the Year (Dec.-17th)
  2. TURF files federal lawsuit vs. MPO Policy Board (Oct. 23rd)
  3. TURF Press Conference to file injunction to stop vote (Nov.-19th)