TxDOT asks Congress to remove ALL limits on tolling!

Texas Transportation Commission asks Congress to END ALL LIMITS TO TOLLING!

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Some of the most disturbing aspects of this report as cited on Toll Road News:

They want to buy interstates from the feds so they can toll you!

“The paper says federal law should remove the ‘pilot program status’ of toll financing exemptions to give states ‘as many opportunities as possible for new funding alternatives.’ It proposes toll revenues be freed of restrictions they be reinvested in the particular road. It also calls for states to be able to buy back interstate segments by reimbursing the federal government its past contributions.”

This once again shows that tolls are not “user fees” as the tollers repeatedly state. They plan to and are actively advocating to take tolls collected for one road and have the ability to spend it on something else. This is government speak for “we want to tax “x” so we can spend it however we choose to with NO accountability to the public!” We’ve contended all along that this isn’t about transportation, relieving congestion, or mobility, it’s about a tax grab and building up a toll road slush fund for bureaucrats to take your money and spend it on any pet project that suits their whims (look no further than past precedent here and here.)

They want to give private companies government perks by making some of their profits income tax exempt!

“They then say they want federal law amended to recognize the role of private equity capital as a source of capital for roads. Also they propose amending the federal tax code to exempt partnership distributions and dividends from income tax. Income and distributions from government owned and not-for-profit toll authorities are already exempt from federal income tax.”


Email comments here: cmueller@dot.state.tx.us

They’re seeking comment. Please take a moment to contact the DOT (cmueller@dot.state.tx.us) to let them know the public is outraged at ending all limits to tolling, particularly allowing states to “buy back” interstates and then toll the public so State government can empty your wallet and create a toll road slush fund! The Texas Transportation Commission is shameless in its attempt to hijack our public freeway system and turn it into their personal cash cow to enrich a select few corporations and feed BIG GOVERNMENT. This is tantamount to holding commuters and motorists hostage by controlling where and how we drive in a nationwide push to toll everything they can get their hands on!

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  1. Harvey Beierle

    Re the toll road push by TxDOT: ILLITERACY, INCOMPETENCE, IRRESPONSIBILITY, and finally—CORRUPTION and EXTORTION. What a shame!

  2. Harvey Hild

    Please do not even think about allowing states to buy back interstates in order to toll us. This is totally uncalled for and we do not need additional taxes to fund their pet projects. They just need to operate within their means. In other words, do not spend more then you have coming in.

  3. Esteban Erik Stipnieks

    What part of (exp deleted) NO! does TEX Dot not understand? You figure after being chewed like squeaky steak at the mouth of a bored German Sheperd and Border Collie in a public meeting after public they would figure it out. Mike a TEX DOT employee’s postings on Pat Driscoll’s blog sum it up they do not give a care what we want we are there for them.

  4. tony alfaro

    You people at TXDOT must think that we are idiots. Its not that Texan’s are not interested in making improvements to our highways, its the way you are proposing it and selling the bids
    and Texas to a foreign company. This is a fact from the A&M Survey”we don”t need it”.

  5. G. Bliss

    We need to go back to the lock box method of using our “Gas Tax” revenues as we did before the Texas State Legislature open it up for pet projects. This is insane…and the mental patients (politicians, bureaucrats, special interest groups and contractors) are running the asylum (TX Dot). The taxpayers once more are being run over and taxed to death by people who just don’t care about anything except furthering their egos and political ambitions. We need to “Stand-Up” and march against this tyranny in Austin and get rid of all of these corrupt individuals that spout that they know better than us — we the idiots that continue to vote for these scallywags. Both Democrats and Republicans are culpable in this corrupt process which operates under the guise of addressing future transportation problems, mobility improvement and looking out for the betterment of Texas. The reality is that it benefits none of the citizens in this state but only outside private contractors and politicians with increased campaign funds.

    TX Dot continues to be held unaccountable and no one seems to care about investigating or auditing this runaway bureaucratic nightmare. I have seen how this agency works up-close when I worked with (HGAC) Houston Galveston Area Council of Governments. I saw the wasteful spending (both state & federal funds) on pointless studies and contracts that produced absolutely NOTHING! Many of the mobility plans they have proposed are by-and-large out of date by the time they get around implementing the plan and then they need addition funding to complete the projects. They seem to have gotten worse. We need to organize a “March on Austin” and demand some respect from our elected officials. Many of us just sit back and hope that things will get better after each election but it is time for action, before it gets any worst. We don’t have any representation in this matter because they are all in collusion for their own personal gains.

    Remember …“Taxation without representation is Tyranny.”

  6. Bonnie DeCamp

    Being a tax paying TX resident, I am outraged at the underhanded way you are trying to strip more $$ from residents to give it to a select few & make MORE BIG GOVERNMENT!! You may think that we will believe you if you say something enough times, but we DO NOT believe you TxDOT!! If you would keep the hands of some of your backers (yes, even our governor has his hands in the gas tax till to pay for his many travels & other of his favorite pet projects), out of the gas tax pot of $$ that is supposed to be used to maintain exhisting roads& build new roads!! Quit using $$ from that pot to tell lies to the public that you are trying to scare into buying into your scam of a toll road.
    You are supposed to be serving the public & not ripping them off & developing illegal ways of lining your pockets with the $$ from the public!!
    You lie to our face & you are developing ways of causing more chaos on the roads with your little games & “checking the roads”.
    The people DO NOT want the toll roads, & we will do everything we can do to get rid of you underhanded, lying, cheats who are supposed to take your job to serve the people as a joke!!

    May the last joke be on YOU!!


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