TxDOT cooked the books Enron style! Citizens call for AG investigation


TxDOT guilty of cooking the books Enron style
Citizens call for investigation of TxDOT

“Don’t Tag Texas” TODAY!

Austin, TX, Friday, March 2, 2007 – During a Senate Hearing on Transportation Policy and Toll Roads yesterday, the State Auditor revealed that the Texas Department of Transportation miscoded invoices to read “engineering” when the money had actually been spent on Public Relations. Angry citizens are calling on the Attorney General to investigate this corrupt agency.

“If a corporate CEO had done this to their shareholders, they’d be in JAIL!” declared a shocked Terri Hall, Director of the San Antonio Toll Party and a newly formed statewide non-profit group defending and educating citizens from the current toll policy called TURF. Citizens gasped when the Auditor’s office revealed this information at yesterday’s hearing.

A record 800 witnesses heard this testimony at Senator John Carona’s hearing yesterday, and citizens may get his ear on this to launch an Attorney General investigation.

“Heads need to roll,” stated Hall. “This gives us that much more to accomplish at today’s protest march and rally” where citizens work to shape public policy.

“That ought to be refreshing, citizen-driven public policy!” said Hall.

For more details on testimony at yesterday’s hearing: here.


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  1. Esteban Erik Stipnieks

    I am sick and tired of people pro tolls calling TEX DOT professional. What code of professional behavior calls for the repeated out and and out deception of an overseeing body the leg (the funds called engineering for PR) and the people how many public meetings did TEX DOT claim the TTC would reduce dramatically local traffic and that claim they were so short of funds? How many times mislead about free lanes? This is not professional behavior. This is ego manical behavior. This is enron style behavior! TEX DOT is supposed to provide the greatest amount of lane miles at the greatest value for the taxpayer. They are not. This is not what i would call professional behavior. In the real world such people get disposed of. You will see changes where I work because one man lacked imagination and was replaced by a man who would much rather happen to a problem then a problem happen to him. That is professional behavior instead of the blatant misrepresnation and mistakes that are TEX DOT’s hallmark.

  2. Gary Conner

    I was at that March 1 meeting, and was astounded to hear Rick Williams claim the expenditures utilized (apparently) to advertise the TXTAGS and TOLLROADS which benefitid CINTRA Infrastructures, S.A. of Madrid Spain, were simply “miscoded” invoices.

    I think the testimony of the auditor revealed the invoices for the funds expended were coded as “maintenence” costs, rather than “engineering” but a glance a the transcript should clear that up. Regardless, it was over ten million bucks of “miscoded” invoices as I recall. And it sure seems difficult to accept that an “engineering” firm, or “maintenance” invoice would be similar in verbiage and structure to an invoice from an Advertising Agency, or a Radio or Teleivsion station, or for that matter, a Newspaper invoice for an ad space.

    Anyone know how to acess the transript to verify if the huge amount of money referenced was testified to as mistakenly taken for being “maintenance” costs” or “engineering cost?”

    I would like to access it as I was so shocked, and the crowd was screaming X@#$%(&%! so loud in response to Mr. William’s excuse that it was a simple “miscoding” of invoices that I completely forgot if it was ten million, or twenty nine million.

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