TxDOT isn't broke nor is the gas tax eaten up by road maintenance

See for yourself on TxDOT’s own web site.

How many times have we heard TxDOT bureaucrat David Casteel opine about how broke TxDOT is? Many elected officials have parroted the same ol’ talking points all over town. Some take the bait until we point ’em to TxDOT’s own web site. They act like they’re gettin’ chump change. Their gas tax revenues increased $1 billion last year without raising the gas tax ONE CENT and in the midst of a fuel price crisis causing driving to go down 6%! Nearly every hour of every day they get more of your hard-earned tax money pouring into their coffers. Their total revenue exceeds top companies like Starbucks and Southwest Airlines! We can sink em’ with their own material every time!