TxDOT LIES to MPO stating no taxpayer money going into Trans Texas Corridor

Clay Smith of TxDOT told the MPO Monday that no taxpayer money would fund the Trans Texas Corridor. That’s a flat out lie. It’s been reported that Prop 1 rail funds, which are taxpayer-funded bonds, are fair game to fund the Trans Texas Corridor [See story here and from the Star-Telegram, “Williamson said toll road revenues could be among the sources of repayment (for Prop 1 rail debt),” –Oct. 30, 2005].

In fact, it’s on TxDOT’s own web site (See it here.) It states: “Once completed, the TTC will be one of the state’s largest transportation assets. It will be financed with the support and resources of the private sector along with tolls, bonds, limited state funds and other revenue sources.”

Right from the horse’s mouth! They are going to use public debt and public money to build this behemoth while also taking private land through eminent domain abuse and handing control of it over to a foreign company in a secret 50 year sweetheart deal (Houston Chronicle article and Star-Telegram article)!

Also, the Star-Telegram article clearly states that in the TTC route our Governor plans to absorb existing I-35 from San Antonio to Laredo as part of this 4,000 mile network of toll roads. How is that NOT using TAXPAYER money, Mr. Smith?

Shame on Clay Smith and shame on TxDOT!