TxDOT resorts to gestapo-like tactics to forbid citizens from even bringing up or using the word "tolls" at public meeting

NOTE: TxDOT resorts to threats and intimidation to SILENCE citizens and suppress the truth that’s found within their own public documents!

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TxDOT gags citizens AGAIN:
Forbids any discussion of tolls at public meeting even though it’s in their contract

New Braunfels, TX, June 21, 2006 – Concerned citizen and founder of SA Toll Party.com, Terri Hall, physically had the microphone removed from her hand by a TxDOT employee during public comment at a PUBLIC meeting regarding the highway expansion of SH 46 June 20 at New Braunfels High School.

“As soon as I turned to the page in the contract that mentions tolls, TxDOT grabbed the microphone, abruptly and rudely, physically wresting it from my hand!” stated a shocked Hall. “They did the same thing to another supporter, Michael Maurer. They were flanked with police throughout the building. TxDOT is using Gestapo-like tactics to suppress the TRUTH about their plans for Hwy 46 from being made public.”

TxDOT told the crowd that no one could use the word toll or discuss tolls during the public comment period. They also forbid the use of the term “outer loop of San Antonio.” Both terms are relevant to the Highway 46 expansion project since there is a provision in the contract (page 3 of pass through finance agreement) between Comal County and TxDOT that they can toll Hwy 46 in the future as long as the County and TxDOT agree.

Also, during the Transportation Commission meeting last November, TxDOT employee, Jennifer Moczygemba, repeatedly refers to Highway 46 as the “outer loop of San Antonio” (in the November Transportation Commission meeting read it here), which would more than ruffle a few feathers in Comal County…it could well lead to the quick demise of a few politicians! So rather than face the music from their own public documents, they simply SILENCED any discussion from citizens.

“How can bringing up the toll provision in the contract possibly be off-limits? It’s a legitimate concern; it’s in their own contract in black and white. If TxDOT gets away with forbidding citizens from using the word ‘toll’ and expressing legitimate concerns over project financing, how much longer will it be before it’s forbidden to publicly criticize elected officials in this country?” says a concerned Hall. “Where will this suppression stop? I thought this was America where protecting and defending our First Amendment Constitutional Rights are sacred.”

TxDOT and Comal County officials know from constituent feedback and the SA Toll party.com blog that this toll provision in the contract is a MAJOR sticking point with the public, and they also know that the vast majority of folks in Comal County DO NOT want our rural community (and our two lane highway) turned into a new 6 lane truck route between I-10 and I-35 dubbed the “outer loop of San Antonio,” especially on the Comal County taxpayers’ dime. The pass through financing agreement takes $16 million of Comal County tax dollars to pay for the project to be paid back through “shadow tolling” based on traffic volume.

“The PEOPLE are the owners of government and we pay TxDOT’s paychecks and yet they continually get away with gagging citizens from voicing their concerns about highway projects (see prior attempts to gag citizens: here and here, scroll down to March 30), particularly how they’re being financed. TxDOT has lost all objectivity when it comes to toll roads. They want to operate in secrecy like the private, foreign companies they’re brokering deals with in secret,” declares Hall.

The contract negotiations are done in secret (read story here), and given the fact that TxDOT and Cintra are suing to keep even the signed contracts secret from the public (read about it here), SECRECY is now what characterizes arguably one of the most powerful government agencies in this State. TxDOT can seize our private property, and now has the power to levy unlimited toll taxes, even on existing freeways.

Even our elected officials think the Legislature needs to change the focus of TxDOT (Collin County Commissioner Jerry Hoaglund, “I think that the Legislature needs to change the focus of TxDOT.” —McKinney Courier-Gazette, 2/16/06) and that TxDOT needs greater financial accountability (the Senate’s Executive Summary for Fund 006 had this to say about TxDOT’s financial management:
“The sheer size of the budget of the Texas Department of Transportation coupled with the significant new financial authority granted to the agency during the78th Legislative Session calls for improvements to the agency’s financial reporting methods.” Full report here).

“TxDOT is out of control and continues to overstep its authority. My question is, who is going to put a stop to the trampling of citizens’ free speech and our legal right to make public comment on highway projects? There is a dizzying number of public meetings and hearings this summer. TxDOT cannot be allowed to continue intimidating ordinary citizens into silence. They used similar tactics for public meetings for 281 (scroll down to March 30, on this post). If toll roads are the silver bullet to all of our problems, then why are they forbidding ANY discussion of them in public? Why won’t they answer the public’s questions? Are they accountable to no one? We’re the owners of government, and we’re simply trying to get to the truth,” shares a concerned Hall.


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  1. Darren

    This is indicative of what is taking place in the courts and in government bureaucracies. There is a “shadow” policy that seeks to squelch public debate and dialogue. There are multiple examples of “Goverment over the People” and not “Government of the People”. Where is the outrage in the media? Do they not realize they are next? What is the water cooler talk in the media? What stories are reporters writing about or wanting to write about that concern them as citizens that are being denied? This is another sign of the slippery slope we are on. . . . . the slope that is heading towards the devaluation of our currency leading to the AMERO; the currency for the “Union” of the US, Canada and Mexico and the National ID card in 2008. This is not harmless. The experience Terri had will become more and more common for those whom speak out and for those whom refuse to have their voice silenced they will face smear campaigns labeling them as extremist, unpatriotic or God forbid as they are in Chechnya. . . . Terrorist! When is enough going to be enough? Divide and conquer. Today something I care about. . . tomorrow something you care about, but tomorrow your voice will be alone because you refused to stand for the Truth today!

    Pay attention, listen, pray. This can be a sign of the beginning or a sign of the end, the Choice is OURS collectively!

  2. Scott R. Davis

    Dear Sir,

    While I conversed with TEXDOT at UTSA two weeks ago, their response to having the toll roads is to get money faster to build roads.



  3. Esteban Erik Stipnieks

    We have to silence our critics. What do they think is? A Free country? Do they actually think the first amendment applies to them? How dare those weak-minded individuals who have to actually work and toil demand anything! We are for the goverment, they exist for us.

    Forget the constitution Terri!

  4. Joe Stillwell

    Fliers and information: A condensed version of everything we have tried to accomplish since day one. Pass them out on street corners. Newspapers can do it, parking lots in malls allow it. Break their plan down into simple impact charts and showing where the original moneys went, how much more do they say they need, how much will we need to drive these roads, etc.

    One mile.49 -10mil $4.90 X twice a day X 5DAYS AWEEK =$ 49.00A WEEK,( $2548.00A year) I dont think so. Now the city finds themslves $75,000,000 in the black where is that money going?

    I personally will find time to have a peaceful demonstation at cityhall, the court house, and all intersections where they’re proposing tolls. Any hat and t-shirt co that could be donated for raffles?

  5. Esteban Erik Stipnieks

    As a former New Braunfels Resident I have to tell Terri This
    Wilkome to New Braunfels many local residents in the 1940s and even 50s first spoke German or Spanish then later German or Spanish finally English after WWII a large influx of Nazi party officials were brought in to reside and work at security hill Kelly. They have left their mark.

    So that is not the local police department….that is De Gestapo.

    The First Amendment extends only as far as you are saying what the goverment wants you to say.

    How dare you ohlsander tell us how to run our city and our county. We have ways of dealing vith trouble makers.

  6. Herbert E. Jackson

    Question: I have heard that the Spanish government may be involved in building toll roads in Texas. This would be a disaster! Does anyone know if there is any truth to this statment???

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