TxDOT tracks/photos ALL vehicles on tollway; forbids out of state vehicles, will ticket without notice!

Yet another example of how TxDOT’s approach to tolling makes NO SENSE! The first Executive Director of the Alamo Regional Mobility Authority (our tolling authority), Tom Greibel, swore up and down that the toll roads would be all electronic (of course, he’s been proven a liar already since the Hwy 45 tollway that just opened in Austin opened with toll booths!). He also said when asked how would out of towners know to go buy a toll tag or how would they enforce payment on out of state motorists, he said they’d take a picture of the license plate and send them a bill. Read the radio report of what’s taking place on the new tollway in Dallas (FYI: Hwy 121, 100% PAID FOR with gas taxes, should NEVER have opened as a toll road; it’s a money grab!), and this claim by Greibel is also proven a falsehood.

As reported by a supporter in Waco:

The new Toll Road HWY 121 Project that is up around the Dallas area is up and running. Our Gov. Perry had delayed the tolls till after the election. Come this Friday, the toll is beginning. One small problem, there are no toll booths only cameras. As you drive through TxDOT takes a picture of your license plate and sends you a bill each month. One problem is that if you have out of state plates, Texas does not have a agreement with any other state to find out who you are so they can send you a bill. TxDOT has said out of state drivers cannot legally drive on the toll road. Cities along the toll road can have their police pull over out of state drivers and ticket them. Some cities will not do this and have told TxDOT.
Typical TXDOT. Clueless………………
This was on KRLD 1080 this morning.