TxDOT uses up funds for Wurzbach instead of 281, 1604

Even residents who want Wurzbach Pkwy finished admit this is a bad case of misplaced priorities. Even a casual observer can see the traffic is far more acute on 281, 1604 than Wurzbach. TxDOT is advancing Wurzbach for Prop 12 bonds BEFORE the MPO has even formulated a project priority list to submit for Prop 12 bonds. Once again, TxDOT races to use up ALL available funding (gas tax, Prop 14 bonds, Texas Mobility Funds, stimulus funds, Prop 12 bonds) to fix 281, 1604 so it can continue to claim there’s no money and toll our existing FREEways!

However, the MPO just voted down an amendment to fund the most congested segment of 1604 (from 151 to Bandera Rd) using Prop 12 bonds last Monday. So it’s clear our politicians have no interest in fixing these freeways and keeping them toll-free. Also of note is the fact that costs are at their lowest in years due to the downturn in the economy. TxDOT’ CLay Smith even said so: “In August, TxDOT officials estimated the project would cost $170 million. But Smith said costs have dropped recently and construction bids have come in lower. He also said he believes the project could be completed within the budget the transportation commission would approve.” Over half of 281 or the west side of 1604 could be fixed with $126 million!
Web Posted: 10/30/2009

Wurzbach Parkway’s finish may be near

By Josh Baugh

By next summer, the Texas Department of Transportation could at last begin finishing Wurzbach Parkway, adding an east-west connector expected to relieve congestion on Loop 1604 and Loop 410.
The Texas Transportation Commission on Thursday reviewed a list of 78 projects — including the parkway and an expensive expansion of Interstate 35 in Hill, McLennan and Bell counties — that would be funded by proceeds from Proposition 12 bonds approved by voters in 2007. Commissioners are expected to vote on the package in November.

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