Van Os proposes constitutional protection from eminent domain and toll roads

Candidate for Attorney General, David Van Os, Proposes Constitutional Protection from Eminent Domain and Tolling

In the last week of his 254-county whistlestop tour, Attorney General candidate David Van Os suggests Constitutional Amendments to protect Texans from continuing abuses of eminent domain and toll roads.

Unveiling what he terms “Citizens’ Protection Amendments,” Van Os proposes that the power of eminent domain be limited to reasons of public security and safety. He also proposes that toll roads should require voter referendums.

Van Os stated, “If government can take private property from the individual on a whim, then we’re living in dictatorship, not democracy. Texans are seeing a continuing and growing abuse of eminent domain. This has to stop.”

Van Os continued, “These amendments will restore the checks and balances between government and the individual. I call upon the governor and the legislature to tackle this issue as soon as possible.”

At 4:00 p.m. on each day, Van Os will meet the public and the press at the Tarrant County Courthouse on October 16 (#250), Dallas County Courthouse on October 17 (#251), Harris County Courthouse on October 18 (#252), Bexar County Courthouse on October 19 (#253), and Travis County Courthouse on October 20 (#254). SEE DETAILS BELOW. >>

Proposed Amendments to the Bill of Rights of the Texas Constitution

“Citizens’ Protection Amendments”

No private property may be taken without the owner’s consent unless the taking is necessitated by the public security or safety and there is no other reasonable recourse. In no case may economic considerations be considered reasons of public security or safety. This amendment is self-executing and is applicable to any pending uncompleted taking.

In no case may any private person or enterprise purchase, lease, or utilize for the pursuit of profit or gain any property that has been taken for public purposes without the owner’s consent. This section does not prohibit the payment of public money as fair compensation for employment, construction or maintenance, or ancillary services to employees, construction or maintenance contractors, or vendors of ancillary services. This amendment is self-executing and is applicable to any pending usage that has not begun remunerative operations.

In no case may a toll or fee be demanded or collected for travel on any transportation facility constructed through any use of public authority or money unless the voters of the county in which the facility is located shall have approved the tolling by referendum. This amendment is self-executing and is applicable to any pending uncompleted project.


All major city courthouse appearances approximately 4 PM, but please stay tuned for exact times for up-to-date information.

Reception, meet and greet the candidate to follow each

Monday, October 16
#250: Tarrant County Courthouse
100 W Weatherford, Fort Worth TEXAS 76102

Gathering at Billy Miner’s, 3rd@Houston, after Speech

Tuesday, October 17
#251: Dallas County Courthouse
Front of ÒOld RedÓ Courthouse, 100 S Houston Street, Dallas TX 75202

Join us for Dinner@6PM in Founders Grill, Hotel Lawrence, 302 South Houston Street

Wednesday, October 18
#252: Harris County Courthouse
301 Fannin, Houston TEXAS 77002

Gathering after Speech 5:30 – 7:30 PM at Chatter’s, 140 South Heights Boulevard

Thursday, October 19
#253: Bexar County Courthouse (“Old Courthouse”)
100 Dolorosa Street, San Antonio Texas 78205

Gathering after Speech 5:30 – 8:00 PM at Picante Grill, 3810 Broadway

Friday, October 20
#254: Travis County Courthouse
1000 Guadaloupe, Austin TEXAS 78701

Gathering after Speech 5:00 – 8:00 PM at Cafe Caffeine, 909 W Mary