HB 1892, CDA Moratorium goes to Governor’s desk!
The 10 day period for him to veto begins!

HB 1892 passed the House 139-1, with Mike Krusee the ONLY representative voting against! Representative David Leibowitz, OUR HERO, made sure our CDA for 281 AND 1604 was IN the moratorium! Senator Wentworth sold us out on the Senate amendment only explicitly placing 281 in the moratorium, but Leibowitz made it right on behalf of our House delegation and got ON THE RECORD that since the current San Antonio CDA is for BOTH 281 and 1604, that the intent of this legislation is that both highways are IN the moratorium! Now there can be NO legal limbo from TxDOT trying to say otherwise. My own State Representative, Nathan Macias, sits on Krusee’s Transportation Committee and worked tirelessly with the 5 committee members on our side and with Leibowitz and others in our delegation to make this happen and to get BOTH our roads IN the moratorium!

We did it folks! We did it!

HURRAHHHHHHH! Please thank your reps and these senators, and keep them poised to override this Governor in 10 DAYS (not counting Sunday)! Note even Edmund Kuempel, a total pro-TTC Perry defender, voted for it along with Ruth McClendon-Jones who had previously voted against the final version of HB 1892.

San Antonio Reps below:
Frank Corte –
Ruth McClendon-Jones –
Jose Menendez –
Robert Puente –
Mike Villarreal –
Edmund Kuempel –
Joe Farias –
David Leibowitz –
Nathan Macias –
Joe Straus –
Joaquin Castro –
Trey Martinez-Fischer –

San Antonio Senators to thank: