2020 TTH Endorsements & TURF Voter Guide

TURF honoredTexans Uniting for Reform & Freedom (TURF) compiled this Voter Guide to gauge candidates positions on toll roads, transportation policy (including accountability and transparency), and property rights. Based on each candidates answers to our survey, they received a grade.

NOTE: This guide only includes contested primary races (so those with no opponent do not appear in this guide).* It also only includes candidates who returned our survey in writing (filled out by the candidate him or herself). If you do not see a candidate here, they did NOT return our candidate survey in writing. Do NOT cast your vote until you know where they stand on tolls. You can’t trust what they tell you until they’re willing to put it in writing (and even then we have trouble holding them to it!). Have them contact us immediately. The below candidates will appear on the GOP Primary Ballot. Not a single Democrat returned our candidate survey.

See the Texas TURF Report Card for the grade of every incumbent state legislator.

* For example, Chip Roy is consistently an A+ rated candidate and officially endorsed by Texans for Toll-free Highways, however he does not have a primary opponent so he does not appear in this Primary Voter Guide. He will appear in the General Election Voter Guide in the fall when he does face a very pro-toll, Democrat opponent.

TURF honoredTURF Voter Guide – 2020 Primary Election (Run-off)

TTH endorsed Texans for Toll-free Highways Endorsements – 2020 Primary Election (Run-off)

U.S. Congress

House –

TTH endorsedCD 20 –
Mauro Garza

Recommended Candidates

CD 13 – Ronny Jackson

CD 17 – Renee Swann

CD 22 – Kathaleen Wall

Texas State

Senate –

TTH endorsedSD 14 –
Don Zimmerman

House –

TTH endorsedHD 2 –
Bryan Slaton ***

TTH endorsedHD 47 –
Jennifer Fleck

TTH endorsedHD 59 –
Shelby Slawson

TTH endorsedHD 60 –
Jon Francis

Recommended Candidates

HD 25 – Cody Vasut

HD 26 -Matt Morgan

HD 45 – Carrie Isaac

Local Office –

TTH endorsedBexar County Commissioner, Precinct 3 –
Tom Rickhoff ***

U.S. Congress

House –

CD 23 –
Tony Gonzales – B-

Texas State

House –

HD 2 –
Bryan Slaton – A+

HD 2 –
Dan Flynn (I) – F ***

HD 47 –
Jennifer Fleck B+

HD 60 –
Jon Francis – A

Local Office –

Bexar County Commissioner, Precinct 3 –
Tom Rickhoff – A+

Bexar County Commissioner, Precinct 3 –
Trish DeBerry*** Caution!


Race Notes —

*** HD 2 – Dan Flynn, the incumbent, is pro-toll and earned an F on TURF”s Report Card for the legislative session. Now we know why. His campaign records show he’s used campaign funds to pay for his toll tag — and he doesn’t even have a toll road in his house district!
We support Bryan Slaton in this race. Bryan helped lead the fight to stop the Blacklands-Northeast Gateway private toll road from Garland to Greenville. We know he’ll be an ardent anti-toll warrior in the Texas House.

*** Bexar County Commissioner Precinct 3 – Trish DeBerry DeBerry is the establishment, pro-toll candidate. Her company, Guerra DeBerry Coody, was part of the team that won the bid to do the 281 tollway (BEFORE WE STOPPED THE TOLL ROAD, watch the announcement. In another contract her firm got from the toll authority, it prepared a Powerpoint to train TxDOT employees and elected officials how to slap down arguments of anti-toll spokespeople and how to discredit them with misleading talking points. A vote for Trish DeBerry is a vote for toll roads in Bexar County. Not only does she have a conflict of interest if she were to be an elected officials and be in position to profit from public contracts, she’s guaranteed to be tone deaf to the taxpayers who don’t want toll taxes since she’s already joined at the hip with the toll proliferators financially.
We support Tom Rickhoff in this race.