Wanna know how much of the world's infrastructure Cintra-Macquarie controls?

This information is taken from a news release in 2000 when Cintra-Macquarie acquired an airport in Bristol, England. This information was compiled prior to Cintra-Macquarie acquiring the Chicago Skyway toll road (January 2005), the Indiana Toll Road (Spring 2006), before they gained the development rights for the Trans Texas Corridor (2005), and before becoming the only bidders for the San Antonio toll starter system (2005). Do we really want America to come under the control of multi-national corporations (perhaps more accurately, quasi-governments)?

About Cintra
Cintra is an international infrastructure company based in Spain which develops, owns and operates transport assets worldwide. Cintra is currently ranked as the world’s largest infrastructure developer by value of investment and, over the last three years it has been ranked as the second largest developer of transport based infrastructure in the world by number of concessions. It is a subsidiary of Grupo Ferrovial, one of the leading industrial groups in Spain and listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange.

Cintra owns and operates transport based assets on a world-wide basis. It has three primary businesses; airports, toll-roads and car parks. Cintra currently has eleven airports in Southern Mexico, the Antofagasta airport in Chile and Niagara Falls airport in New York State, handling over 12 million passengers. In addition to being an investor in those airports, Cintra provides an extensive range of operational and management support to them.

Cintra also owns and operates toll roads in Spain, Canada, Portugal, Chile and Colombia and manages over 130,000 car parking spaces in Spain, Portugal and Puerto Rico.

Then here’s more info about the majority owner of Cintra, Grupo Ferrovial, from the Hoover’s financial web site:

When in Spain, trains, planes, and automobiles travel by Grupo Ferrovial. One of Spain’s largest engineering and construction firms, Ferrovial also provides housing and community development, toll road and car park management, and environmental and telecommunications services. Ferrovial Agromán is the group’s main construction unit. Projects include commercial and residential construction to road, rail, energy, and airport infrastructure development. Through its Cintra stake Ferrovial has concessions interests in toll roads, car parks, and airports. It has taken over UK services group Amey and owns more than 28% of British airports operator BAA. Founder Rafael del Pino y Moreno and his family control Ferrovial.

About Macquarie
Macquarie is Australia’s leading investment bank, with total assets in excess of £9.4 billion, and a further £14.9 billion in funds under management and administration. It is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and ranks as one of Australia’s largest 30 companies by market capitalisation.

Macquarie has over 4,000 staff in offices throughout Australia and in 22 locations throughout the world, including the United Kingdom. Macquarie’s second largest office outside Australia is located in London.

Macquarie is at the forefront of the infrastructure sector, both in Australia and internationally, and has one of the largest and most successful infrastructure businesses in the world. Macquarie manages infrastructure funds and investments in projects in the UK and Europe valued at nearly £3 billion.

Macquarie has a unique combination of strategic, commercial and financial expertise in the airport sector.

As part of a long-term strategy to build a significant global airport business, Macquarie strengthened its airport business expertise through the acquisition in October, 2000 of The Portland Group, the UK’s leading airport management consultancy.