Wentworth does 180..intros amendment that KILLS Cintra deal!

Read the Express-News blog with Wentworth’s comments here. Then read below to make sense of it…
Hooray for the grassroots! In an amazing turn of events, Senator Jeff Wentworth heard your voices loud and clear and in about 12 hours time, changed his mind and introduced an amendment to INCLUDE 281 in the original moratorium bill SB 1267, which effectively would kill the 1604 deal as well. Since the two projects were linked by TxDOT, the package deal to hand over our public highways to a foreign company, Cintra, and Zachry, is no more should it become law.

We anticipate that the same will occur when HB 1892 comes to a floor vote next week. This isn’t over until it’s law, but the grassroots just completely changed the direction of this train.

In fairness, please contact Senator Wentworth and thank him for changing his mind. We always make room for a politician to redeem himself. Also thank Senators Uresti, Van De Putte, and Zaffirini once again for listening and putting the best interests of Texans ahead of obscene private profiteering. Ask all of them to re-introduce the same amendment when they vote on HB 1892 next week!
Call the Capitol switchboard: (512) 463-4630 and/or email.


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  1. Esteban Erik Stipnieks

    Did he see the light did he feel the heat or did he realize the voters were getting ready to take Crighton W Abrams advice on winning hearts and minds (his mind) we have to watch the slimeball. Wentworth is not the least bit trustworthy we have to keep our eyes on him at all time. He will try to talk out of both sides of his mouth all the time.

  2. Edward & Elsa Hauschild

    We’re glad we didn’t express ourselves about our thoughts in a frank manner. Thank God for all of you and everyone that made contact with our senators.

    No doubt about the fact that God helps those that help themselves. Thus far, in the face of these trying times, this gives cause for renewal of faith in our citizens and elected officials.
    (Not including Perry yet,)

    Nevertheless, we must keep an active vigil on all future events. There are some folks out there that are just waiting for the opportunity to make up the difference with whatever slack we give them.

    In God we trust. Keep your eye on the rest!

  3. Weldon Kiser

    Way To Go Terri! I Still Hope You Will Run For Wentworths Seat!! It Should Not Be That Difficult For An Educated Man To Live Up To His Obligations! Yes, I Did E-mail Him And Said Thanks…W.Kiser…P.S. You Are One Hell Of A Leader!! OoohRaah!!!

  4. Bob Meshanko

    Praise God for the change of heart on the part of Senator Wentworth!

    I think the grassroots could do some good by logging onto the Goldman Sachs website to loudly complain about the greed, betrayal and complicity of Goldman Sachs to broker the theft of Texas highway infrastructure, for their own profit, and to make obscene amounts of highway toll revenue for Cintra, at the expense of Texas working families.

  5. Cindy Cross

    Great Job Terri Hall and all who kept the fire stoked!
    Thank you.

    Cindy Cross
    City of Bulverde

  6. Cliff Robberts

    I am glad for the folks working so hard to stop this debacle on 281 and the rest of Texas. And, that the “public servants” have listened to their constiuents. My concern is that Senator Wentworth did not include 1604 in his amendment unless I missed that portion of the amendment. Keep up the pressure. The fight is not over yet.
    1604 looks to be a bigger piece of the pie for TxDOT and Perry.
    We definitely need to replace the pro-tolling legislators!

  7. Oscar Unger

    The citizens of this part of Texas owe you a lot of gratitude. Your information train and inspiring leadership have meant a lot me and others who are probably unaware. Thanks for your efforts. I will keep up the pressure on Wentworth, Corte et al.

  8. David Van Os

    This is fantastic news. Yesterday I roasted him but good in the message I gave his staff. Today I will call and congratulate his change of heart. We have to keep the pressure on and make sure we don’t lose this again when the House Bill comes over to the Senate. Terri,
    thank you for your leadership. You’re doing an awesome job for the advance of democracy against the power of money.

    David Van Os

  9. Laura Dylla

    An IMPORTANT point to make today is that with SB 1892 and HB 1892, a big hurdle was overcome, but like another comment stated, the governor (along with Williamson)is still on his high horse and continues twisting and finagaling his way to try to circumvent the will of the people. In all my years of watching politics, I have never seen a more arrogant man who believes the sun rises and sets with his wishes and those of his cronies and coharts. We have one big obstacle and no one should underestimate his power, whether it is legal or not. We CANNOT let up the pressure on our legislators.

    Another important point to make is that Perry has built a political jaugernaut (that includes those cronies promised huge profits), that is showing lots of cracks but he will do everything to rescue his ego, including the crushing of fellow legislators who stood up to him. We need to support ALL of our legislators, especially the Republicans, commending them and strengthening their stand against the Perry bandwagon. His behind-the-scenes arm-twisting can have a devastating effect on them and Perry is not one to take all the rebuffs lightly.

    Thanks Teri Hall and her family, Linda and David Stall, Linda Curtis, and other outspoken opponents who have stood in the line of fire for us. Keep letting us know what, where and who to call.

  10. Spencer Bulger

    Super job Terri.

    I too must contact Jeff and congratulate him on his about face. I just couldn’t understand why he wasn’t supporting our cause. I assume he finally saw “the light”.

  11. Michael Kelley

    I am so glad you made the right move Jeff. keep up the good work.

    Michael Kelley

    San Antonio

  12. Dennis W. Russell

    I told Mr. Wentworth that I would do everything in my power to work against his re-election and I will. I see where his loyalty really is and do not trust him any more. He will have to work really hard to show me who he is working for by working to make sure this issue of toll roads in Texas is totally destroyed and TXDOT is once again working for the public and not a hand full of profit mad politicians and Texas government employees.

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