Why we wholeheartedly endorse Strayhorn

Find out the TRUTH about Strayhorn’s prior support of toll roads here. Also, read her Op-Ed laying out her transportation plan here.

Strayhorn’s done more than just make promises. She’s already taken action:

• As one of three members of the Texas Bond Review Board, Strayhorn fought and was successful in keeping Perry’s TxDOT from using our gas tax dollars as BLACKMAIL. She kept them from holding some of our gas tax funds (Texas Mobility Funds) hostage to build only toll roads instead of free roads (one of Perry’s sources of our tax dollars that’s being diverted to toll roads).

• As TEXAS COMPTROLLER Carole Strayhorn’s produced a Special Report into one of Gov. Rick Perry’s new bureaucratic Freeway Tolling Authorities (CTRMA) and found CORRUPT board members giving themselves and their friends NO BID contracts using our gas tax dollars. The Report described these activities as: “Double Taxation without Accountability” and “Favoritism and Self-Enrichment”

• Strayhorn is spending millions of her advertising dollars to tell other Texans about the Boondoggles we’ve been fighting: — the privatization and tolling of our funded freeways and the TTC land grab.

• Strayhorn is pushing for I & R which would give the people means to influence and control large statewide issues.

Strayhorn is the only candidate with a common sense TTC alternative that will:

• PROTECT our private land.
• Stop secret deals.
• Stop land grab for foreign profits.
• Keep our roads Toll Free.

Strayhorn offers much more than one liners. She’s the ONLY candidate who went to the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC) public hearings…more than a dozen. The other candidates? Didn’t go to a single hearing. If they cared a stitch about the people, are truly AGAINST the TTC, and want to hear the people’s voice, they would have shown up. Strayhorn is the ONLY candidate that has the needed millions to defeat Gov. “Special Interests” Perry. Any vote going to the third, fourth or fifth place candidate ensures Perry another term.

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  1. Michael Murphy (San Antonio)

    Why don’t you push the Attorney General Candidate David Van Os as well. He has fought hard against the TTC — son completing his visit to every county seat in the state speaking against the TTC and other Austin rip-offs. An AG on our side would make a world of differrence!

  2. Oscar Unger

    Strayhorn is the only logical choice. While not the perfect candidate, she offers more for the future than any of the other gubenatorial wannabes. Being an anti-double taxation toller is a real plus….i.e. if you want to finance and build a toll road as a business, go for it! Just don’t use public money for private businesses. Her initiative and referendum plank is a real necessity for Texans. If we had I&R now we could force a vote on the TTC. Kinky Friedman is not a leader. Nor does he have the skills and experience to be successful. Talks a great game, but we need a person who knows Texas politics and operations. Bell is an outright liberal. Perry is a cram it down your throat, like it or leave it arrogant, ambitious politican. While I vehemently disagree with Strayhorns kissing-up to the teachers unions and throwing good money down the education sinkhole, I think she is the better choice.

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