7 Replies to “Adkisson becomes MPO Chair – see it on You Tube”

  1. Bob Haag

    Congratulations to Mr. Adkisson. Sentator Wentworth and Mr. Clamp are definetly out of order. They must be on their own agenda, their comments are not what the citizenry is asking, WE DO NOT WANT TOLL ROADS. They obviously have somebody putting money in their bank accounnts somewhere. Its like the “representatives”, who have been appointed by the city, they are also worthless. Mr. Wentworth received my vote in the last election, I promise that he will never get another one. I will beat a drum long and hard against him, the same goes for Mr. Clamp. I’m tired of these “unrepresentative representatives” as many of the taxpayers are. The times are a’changing!

  2. Steven Nemerow

    No to tolls! We’ve already been taxed to build the highways and should not give them away to foreign operators to in essence retax us to their own coffers. Way to go Tommy, fight for us!

  3. Bob

    I think Wentworth and Clamp need to find another place of employment. I will work to make sure they are not re elected to any type of public office.

  4. Rod Sautter

    I am apalled at Jeff Wentworth. I in no way want toll roads nor do I any longer want Jeff Wentworth.

  5. A Caballero

    So Kevin is shown wondering where the (his share) developer money is going. Where did I go wrong Tommy.

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