Bulverde City Council Opposes 281 Toll


Last night, the Bulverde City Council unanimously passed a resolution to oppose the toll plans for US 281 and called for an immediate independent review! SCORRRRREEEEE! A huge thank you to Councilwoman Cindy Cross and Mayor Sarah Stevick who attended our very first meeting in Bulverde and have been a tremendous source of support for our cause ever since. Sixty-five percent of the citizens of Bulverde commute into Bexar County every day for work. Please thank the entire Council for their courage to defend the citizens of Bulverde from unnecessary double taxation and for calling for the review.

Mayor Sarah Stevick – sstevick@bulverdecity.com
Councilwoman Cindy Cross – ccross@bulverdecity.com
Councilwoman Robin Urbanovsky – rurbanovsky@bulverdecity.com
Councilman Sorbera – msorbera@bulverdecity.com

Or to contact them by phone: (830) 438-3612

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  1. R M Schmeisser

    First of all thank you for opposing the toll road plans, but what happened to the overpasses that were funded and alloted for Hwy 281. They gave us the one at Hwy 1863 then stopped. Those alone could solve so much of the congestion problem. Also, who was responsible for the red light at the Bulverde road intersection?. That one light is the most annoying of the lot! It is poorly timed as it will go from red to green to red again, all within seconds not minutes and with no correlation to traffic going the other way. And all for what? There is hardly any traffic going across. That light should be removed!!!

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