TxDOT’s vision of Congestion Relief

4 Lane Toll Road in Median of 8 Lane Freeway
Notice the congestion on the non-toll lanes. Does this look like congestion relief to you? TxDOT is planning to make our free lanes frontage roads with permanent stop lights and 30-45 MPH speed limits to boot! Tolling our roads isn’t about congestion relief, it’s about a new revenue stream for the state. It begs the question: Did the lottery end our public education woes? It’s pretty clear tolls won’t fix our congestion problems either.

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Typical Afternoon Peak on the Public turned Private then back to Public SR 91 Toll Road in Orange County, CA
$9.50 to drive 10 miles!

To see sample toll rates in CA…

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  1. Ron Martin

    In all this publication(s) re: toll roads through the Historic Helotes Valley, I have yet to read about the five (5) protected species in the Helotes/Grey Forest Canyon? Why? The particular protected species are listed as high priority on the TX Endangered Species List. Certainly, any large commercial venture such as a toll road, literally dividing Helotes into two sections COULD BE STOPPED VERY QUICKLY BY BRINGING THE PROTECTED SPECIES in the THE VALLEY TO TxDOT’S PROPOSED ACTIONS. Files identifying the protected species are on file with the TX Department of Environmental Protection of Species Department. I have talked with 2 individuals in that office who are thoroughly knowledgeable with the caves/species located in that valley. They can be present to speak within a 2 or three day lead. Please consider contacting that office. If the protected species act could end a federal lawsuit in Austin over the blind Salamander found in the Balcones Escaptment over developers, PLEASE CONSIDER USING THAT FACTUAL INFORMATION. Individuals in that office know more re: the caves and protected species in the Helotes/Grey Forest valley than you can imagine —- they have been in those caves and know exactly what species thrive there.
    Protected Species wich are close to the “top of the list of endangered speices” could literally stop a MACK TRUCK! Use what you have; insisit on environmental studies/air quality studies/habitat studies . . . . And, this is in addiion to the fact that Texas Indians traveled through that canyon over 7,000 years ago. BECOME PRESERVATIONISTS. Blind salamanders/the warblers carry powerful weight in a proposal such as TX Dot’s.

    Ron Martin

  2. Tom Conner

    I will not use toll roads. In Tyler we were lied to. We never were told there would be a toll loop.Is all of our state government and agencies corrupt? I trust no politician. Tom

  3. Walter Gonzales

    I experienced Toll roads in CA, TX, VA, FL ….. all are the same. Traffic slowing to pay a toll. The toll roads I have traveled on reduced my travel distance but not my driving time. My gas milage also increased due to the flow of traffic (stop and go). Toll roads have been a bad experience for me.

  4. Stephanie

    In Reference to the Hwy 281 Tolls – Bring Em’ In

    By now the toll Roads could have been near completion.
    Now what do we have……………..even worse than before???

    More Neighborhoods=More Cars=More Accidents=More Lights=More Congestion=

    Each day it takes a little longer to get to and from. THIS WILL ONLY GET WORSE. Something needs to happen. Timing on ALL lights is terrible. Road Rage is immenent.

    So yeah, Everyone says how tolls are $$ and the traffic is stop and go. What are they now?
    Stop, Stop, Stop, Go, Stop, Etc. Which costs $$ too.

    We need elevation, two seperate roads, less traffic woes.

  5. Eleanor Hasbrook

    I think this is a giantic scam….. Who’s going to benefit from the toll roads?
    I think somebody in San Antonio is getting very rich or is it sombody in the
    State offices? Think people, who’s going to get rich by this toll road.

  6. Nancy Strack

    The proposed toll lanes for Hwy 281 doesn’t make sense for several reasons but the main reason is that toll lanes aren’t practical for drivers who are only going a short distance.

    Most of the commuters will probably want to exit Evans or Stone Oak neither of which is any distance at all from 1604.

    It doesn’t make sense to pay good money to go to the first exit (Evans) only to have to merge with the traffic on the “free” lanes and to have to wait for the traffic lights that they were just tryng to avoid anyway. I’m guessing the drivers on the “free” lanes will not be too Texas friendly about letting them merge, either. I certainly won’t.

    Those willing to pay to avoid the congestion at the lights and who want to exit Stone Oak will also have to wait to merge with traffic on the “free” lanes and will have to fight those darned lights anyway in order to get onto Stone Oak similar to what is shown in the above picture. Again, good luck finding a driver on the “free” lanes who will welcome the merging traffic and allow them in.

    TXDOT says it doesn’t have the money (what did they do with the money they were going to put into the project) but they certainly have no trouble finding the money for projects that are less urgent like the widening of 410 from Nacogdoches to Austin Hwy.

    Perhaps if TXDOT would not build such elaborate interchanges (Have you seen the monstrosity at 410 and 281?) they could afford to give us highways that work for a lot less money. Go to their site and check out the interchanges they’re considering for the 281 Wurzbach Pky interchange. They don’t know the meaning of affordable, simple cloverleaf interchanges.

    Old newspaper articles that I sent to TXDOT (they for some reason said they couldn’t download them) also give the real story on the Wurzbach Pky. The money was there, too, and now TXDOT is playing games.

    When will it all end?

  7. Ronald Foerster

    How stupid is it to have stop lights on Hwy-281 anyway?
    If TXDOT would just build overpasses at each intersection from Loop-1604 north through Bulverde it would solve the congestion problem.
    I suspect the existing stop lights on this section of 281 are purposefully out of syncronization with each other in order to exaserbate the congestion problem and make people think toll roads are the answer.
    The worst part of this situation is the people who are supposed to be representing the interests of the populace are the very ones who are shoving this down our throats.
    Our elected officials are not representing Us, they are in the pocket of Special Interests, and as soon as we can vote one of these corrupt SOBs out of office, there’s another one waiting to take his place. I am sick of their arrogance.

  8. Gonzalo Camacho

    Items to think about:
    1. Toll roads are not a bad idea.
    2. Regarding construction of toll roads, there is no reason why public agencies cannot do a better and cheaper job than private entities.
    3. Bringing private companies to develop roadways does require A) profit margin B) guarantees on investment.
    4. The interest of low traffic volumes in favor of long term revenue might be a consideration on the lifetime of a highway due to cost of construction, operations, and maintenance.

    The realities of traffic congestion:
    1. The construction of more highway lanes is only an incentive to attract more traffic.
    2. Not giving transportation alternative to people means people are forced to drive.
    3. Traffic congestion is an indication of economic development.
    4. The most effective way to reduce traffic congestion is through congestion pricing.

    The reality that Texas and Texans are in this for/against toll road conversation is an indication of the systematic failure to provide short and long term solutions to mobility and traffic concerns. However, perhaps cities in Texas don’t really have significant traffic problems else citizens would be demanding solutions vs. foreign companies wanting to make a profit from Texans.

  9. Paula Salinas

    Things to think about…….
    This kinda reminds me of the early Native American days when the white settlers took the land from native Americans. So it is kinda sad that History is repeating itself except
    this time it is Perry selling us out.
    Texas will continue to build toll roads cause that is Texas’s answer to mass transportation.
    In Texas there is no such thing as Metro rails,like DC or Virginia who has a rail line that
    goes down one of its highways.As long as we have politicians that are out for themselves
    and not the people we have these problems.
    What ever happened to the US Constitution which states for the people by the people.
    When it comes to politics we the people will always get over looked for the almighty

  10. Bob Terrill Jr.

    Please support the HB 2772 or even better come up with a bill that would outlaw Toll Roads in Texas. I think that you should make TxDot accountable to the people of Texas. Let’s make their board of directors elected officials. I want a full audit to find out where Txdot has been spending our gas tax money. I also want a law that says that our gas tax money can not be spent on anything other than maintain and building roads. I do NOT want a foreign company to be able to come into our state and take over some of our roads for the next 50 years. I also do not want provisions in their contact that does not let Txdot improve any roads around the toll road that would be in direct competition with the toll road. So basically there is a built in provision to make sure the toll roads are used and that total congestion will be assured on all roads around the toll road. I thought that is what we were trying to alleve, congestion on the roads???????? TxDot has missed managed and lined their pockets with our gas tax money and I would bet bribes from foreign companies to get this deal done. Txdot is wanting to wash their hands of the issues of their job which is to take care of the roads. They just want to hand their problem over to someone else and if all does not go as planned or made out to be they can blame the foreign companies. Please get on board on addressing this vital issue to the continued growth and prosperity to all Texans not only those in your district will be affected. We all go to church,school,shop and most of all to go to Grandmas house. It is much easier to look the other way and takes guts to stand up and do what is right. Let’s look back and say we did what was right for Texas and for most of all for our children.

  11. Oscar Unger

    Everyday you delay this legislation (HB2772 and SB1267) coming to a vote is a day when my support for you and the Republican Party of Texas diminishes a little more. I strongly urge you to get these bills before the Legislature. Elections are coming and we Texans don’t want toll roads operated by a Spanish company or anybody else – unless those toll roads are bought, built and operated entirely by private enterprise! No public money – enough is enough!

  12. Timothy

    If you don’t want to use the toll roads you don’t have to. Why take them away from those of us who would like them?

  13. wayne bollman

    LOL. Texas is screwed. Get ready to pay a dollar per mile to foreign corporations to drive on roads you’ve already paid for!! LMAO. You deserve the government that you get.

  14. Geri Becker

    The only way to effect change is to get involved! Texas taxpayors, please support the SA Toll Party as we fight against TX-DOT and the corruption.

  15. Linda

    Why is this all happening ONLY to the northsiders? All the roads they want to toll are on the north side of town. So our $ will be going to TXDot so they can continue to maintain all the other roads as needed.(south, east & west side of town) Were new roads put in for the Toyota plant? How about the roads that will go to the new A&M campus? TOLL THOSE TOO!!! Where did they find the $ to widen IH10 and Loop 410? Probably the tax money that should of gone to 281 North!! (and 1604) Us northsiders are already paying HUGH taxes to live in Northeast and Northside School Districts, which we know the state has to “give” part of that to the areas that do not bring in enough. I am tired of working so hard already and pay out so much already, and they want to take even more money from us. I can see why so many people are repeat offenders going to jail, they get A/C, bed to sleep on, 3 meals a day, and do not have to have any responsibilities. I wish I did not have to work, and have someone else take care of me. Also so much being built on 1604 is retail that only pays $7.00 an hour, you know those people will not be on the “toll road”. Not if the cost of gas stays as high as it is. Come on TxDot GET REAL!!Pure DISCRIMINATION against the northsiders!

  16. Glenda Moyes

    I’m against tolls too because the evidence Teri Hall has shown me is enough to convince me the politicians in Austin (Rick Perry included) are selling us out. If I wasn’t a Christian, I would be swearing right now! But I’m so mad.

  17. Aaron Coleman

    We build more highways. Congestion is slightly relieved for a while. Then more people believe they can live further from work in that new trendy development, and boom congestion once again. Learn to live densely. Return to the cities. It’s a better life, and will only get better as more money continues to come back into the cities and air quality continues to improve. That is unless your the people being gentrified out, but they’re probably willing to take the train unlike you.

  18. J Browning

    What part of no don’t these politicians understand, we need to use that tax on every gallon of gas to build and maintain our road systems. Above all do not turn them over to a forign contract.Listen to the will of the people that you are supposed to represent.

  19. Scott

    Northsiders CAN pay for the tolls!
    And Aaron is right
    if you want to live in an area so far away from the city, in your suburbs and in an area that has yet to have these highways and freeways developed, then expect to pay the consequences!
    Those of us that live in the inner city dont have to pay tolls because the freeways are already here, built, managed and ready to go.
    So unless we want to wait 10-15 years just to expand 1604 from 4-8 lanes we might need to put in a little more money!
    I mean, when Loop 1604 was built, it was a 2 lane road! (and it’s still like that today on the southside from hwy90 all the way around to Converse!) and they NEVER expected it to become a freeway because of huge development on the Northside!

    and As far as the cost for tolls goes- I recently was in Oklahoma where they have an extensive tollway system, and I would say the average cost at a toll was about 65 cents for a normal, 2axle vehicle (the “price” by how many axles your vehicle has, as in those big 18wheelers pay more), and then it was like another 30miles to the next toll… If I could go on 1604 all the way from Converse, through the northside, to Bandera road for like $2-3 (if even that) I say- That aint bad at all, and I wouldn’t mind it.

  20. terrih Post author

    You may think it’s fine to tax others to drive on what we’ve already been taxed to build, but that’s not how government has EVER worked. We all pay for public schools, but not all children use public schools. We all pay for fire and police, but we may never need to call them to our aid. We all pay for a host of government programs we may never access or use personally. We all pay for roads, even those we don’t use. Many do not have the choice, they have to live outside far outside of the City because they can’t afford to live anywhere else. The property taxes in the City limits are oppressive, among the highest in the Nation.

    Frankly, your thoughts mirror those in government wishing to DOUBLE TAX TOLL us who say, “you can eat cake” if you can’t pay the tolls and be relegated to second class citizens priced off the freeways you already paid for. That doesn’t sit well with many of your fellow citizens. In Stone Oak for instance, they’ve been paying City taxes for years before getting even basic EMS service. We have many supporters who travel north for their jobs, but they cannot afford to pay tolls to get there. Not everyone is like you or in the same financial situation as you are. UTSA students can ill-afford tolls. Next time your neighborhood needs the benefit of the property taxes of all those nice homes on the northside, maybe they’ll tell you the same…it cuts both ways. However, I prefer to look at the whole picture and think as a community rather than everyone looking out for themselves.

    Then, let’s look at cost. You’re trying to compare the toll plans to the traditional turnpikes like in Oklahoma. THESE ARE NOT TRADITIONAL TURNPIKES nor are they affordable like the ones you’re accustomed to. The Governor and the highway lobby have figured out a new kind of toll road using “market-based” tolls (http://satollparty.com/post/?p=694). This is Rick Perry’s and the highway lobby’s deceptive gimmick to make you think they can somehow apply free market competitive principles to government-run monopolies, aka – highways. Sounds great, right? Let’s look inside. Our government tolling authority will now have URS, KPMG, and Citigroup determine how much profit the RMA can make by raiding YOUR wallet by charging you a toll tax to drive on what your taxes already built and paid for. Let’s say the amount of profit over and above the cost of actually building the road is $4 billion. The RMA would then have to sell bonds to come up with that up front $4 billion fee that will then go into a TxDOT account to be used on roads elsewhere in the region. So the toll isn’t a user tax (as we’ve contended all along). It’s the most elaborate Robin Hood scheme and unfair distribution of transportation taxation ever devised. ALL traditional turnpikes have been replaced by the “market-based” toll deception.

    Even Jaime Castillo of the Express-News agrees it translates into the HIGHEST POSSIBLE TOLLS (http://satollparty.com/post/?p=745)! We’re seeing on average 40 cents a mile on up to $1.50 mile in parts (compared to 1-3 cents a mile we pay in gas taxes) up in Austin. We have a toll calculator on our web site so you can see how many thousands more in tolls you’d be paying. The average 20 mile one way commute would be $4,000 or more per commuter per year in new toll taxes! So if all that sits well with you, OK, but it sure doesn’t doesn’t with the vast majority of your fellow citizens. Texas A&M did a study (http://satollparty.com/post/?p=487) that showed you we don’t need to toll a single road in Texas to meet our future transportation needs. They determined all that’s needed to is to index the gas tax to keep pace with inflation. We don’t need to toll existing highways to relieve congestion!

    And all that doesn’t even address the push to privatize our public infrastructure and put our highways under foreign control…browse our web site. The more you dig, the worse it looks for the taxpayer.

  21. Gary B.

    My Wife & I just moved back to Texas after living in Phoenix, Az, for over 20yrs, & we are appalled by many things. A.) The condition of the roads here in San Antonio, & other towns in Texas, B.) The ridiculous amount we pay in property taxes, & school taxes, C.) The fact that none of the traffic lights are
    syncronized, D.) The fact that Now this back A– ward state government wants to impose toll roads on existing roads.

    We live up in Encino Park, & we deal with the traffic everyday, What I see are rude people who won’t let you merge, people reading books as they creep along, people driving on the shoulders to pass people because they are impaitent, & the traffic light @ Encino Rio, & Evens TOTALLY OUT OF SYNC WITH EACH OTHER. Wake uo Texdot – in Phoenix you never had anything like this – we have lights in sync – we have streets in the city that @ certain times of the days either run only north or only south to help with the traffic,
    We have 120 degree heat, & the roads out there are not buckled & pot holed
    like this town, Plus our taxes out there was 75% less than this state, & this state is one of the most richest state in the nation.

    I would think, that if there was other plans for the highways & byways that did not have tolls then that is what should be done, SOME one is looking to line there pockets with some more cash, The bad thing about this town/state is the fact that “this is how we’ve always done it, & its been good for this long, why should we change” Bull crap, I think it is time to overthrow the Texas government, over throw this ridiculous carpet bagging TXDOT, & start all over,
    maybe we need to import a bunch of Arizonians to straighten this town/state up, because obviously, everyone is to busy lining their pockets, stripping the gas tax for all there little pet projects, & basicly shafting the people who made Texas what it is.

    Texans need to make it a law that the gas tax monies only be allowed to be used for the roads & nothing else, not for the schools, not for tricky rickys security detail, or his hotel rooms, but for the freaking roads

    Texans need to wake up, forget the good ole boy network, quit letting career politicians steal from you/us, quit letting them shaft you in your/are backside,
    vote them out, impeach them, fire them, take them out to the desert & drop them off – Texas is getting as bad as Mexico for all of the corruption, & greed.

    Very Respectfully,

    Gary B.

  22. Scott

    I keep hearing about the politicians and have to say.. A lot of you folks voted for ’em.. As far as Perry goes, George Bush trained him.. This state used to be the richest state in the Nation till Bush came into play.. Look what he is doing to this country now. Most of you elected them and you continue to do it.. So they are going to do what they want till we elect them out of office, they start getting arrogant when they keep staying in office. Then you complain about what they are doing, toll roads.. I agree that it is a high cost project that we are gonna be screwed on, if it happens.. I just recently moved into a new house off of Marshall Rd and Bulverde Rd so I am new to this heavy traffic. All they, (TxDot), have to do is put in some overpasses and some good frontage roads and that would relieve a lot of the congestion. Unfortunatly it isnt going to happen that way cause they want the money. So they will sit on it till everyone starts shooting each other and driving off road. They know that we will want the tolls then. Doesnt look like a situation that is going to get better any time soon.. To bad Ann Richards isnt still in office.. She would’ve slapped Perry several times and she probably did while she was there. That was a woman who took care of business and got things done. She would fire everyone and start over.. Thats what has to happen here and in no way should we allow a foreign company to take control. It seems that this country continues to rely more and more on foreign companies.

  23. Larry

    You voted for them (and I mean all of them), now live with your decision. Maybe you should have voted for Kinky, someone whose not an insider.

  24. Darryl

    Has anyone from TxDot ever answered the question of “why can’t we just build overpasses instead of red lights?” If I could just get this answered, I may be able to move on to other issues about Toll Roads, but I still think this would solve 90% of the problems on 281 N. Am I missing something?

  25. Linda

    OK…so if the toll roads are built and people use them – won’t that INCREASE the traffic on ALL ROADS?

    I think getting the overpasses built where needed and synching all of the lights on the roads AND building a freeway extension on 1604 at Braun would eleviate a lot of the back up in the newer area of San Antonio.


  26. Scott

    OK, What is starting to really make me mad over all this is the fact that if they do go ahead with these toll roads, they aren’t going to improve the surrounding roads.. I am right off of Bulverde Road with Marshall road in my backyard..
    They are saying they will let these roads deteriorate to make their pocket liner look good.. I believe I just spent a whole lot of money to live where I am and the taxes that come with it should say something.. Who the hell are these people.. who do they think they are? We, the voters, need to really keep an eye on this and take it all into consideration when the time comes.. Put me off onto a dirt road,, someone will recieve a bill from me everytime I get new tires and have my suspension alligned.. sounds like they are a bunch goat *(%&^%^$%# Perry being the biggest one of the bunch.. He always looked a little queer to me.. PERRY!!!!! I DIDNT VOTE FOR YOUR WORTHLESS BUTT… I BET YOU MISS YOUR DADDY BUSH..

  27. Scott

    something I forgot to mention…
    PGA golf courses at Cibilo Canyons… You TXDOT & MPO fools who dont want to improve the surrounding roads because you want a foreign company to run you.. You will remember and think about all this when you have to “DRIVE” Bulverde road to get to the PGA golf Courses.. Those of us who live there will be waiting for each of you with sticks in our hands.. So you better take a pair of mirrors to attach to your sunglasses when your on the back nine because I am gonna be comming up behind you..

  28. Anna Gonzalez

    Someone earlier mentioned we should all move closer to the city, so we wouldn’t have to drive so far. OK, show me where we could ALL live, in the city. You have room for us all? We don’t live out here because it’s “trendy”. We live out here because population is growing, and as we all have, we have to spread out. That’s what humans have done since beggining of time. We all started out near Africa/Middle east, and we all had to expand out, because of population growth. Open your eyes! Get out a little. Tolls are just a way for government to profit. Why aren’t they on the south side? Tolls have never helped congestion, no matter what large city you go to. Do the research, better yet, get out there yourself and see!! You’ve been in S.A. too long, you don’t know what it’s like out here. I’m not paying money for tolls, I’ve already payed taxes for those roads. I’ve paid taxes to relieve congestion on 281 by building overpasses at the crossroads. Where’s that money? They were suppossed to be done in 2004. Hmmm…….

  29. David Smith

    For those of you in attendance at the march on the Texas State Capitol in spring 2008, I am the fellow who spoke on congestion relief. Take another look at the photo above, because I love…love…LOVE it!! Great photo.

    The problem with this specific portion of freeway is that there are three consecutive ENTRANCE ramps. Bad idea! All of that traffic is introduced TO the freeway before there is a single ramp removing traffic FROM the freeway.

    Now, fast forward over to North Dallas…same problem on LBJ Freeway, I-635. Eastbound LBJ at the North Dallas Tollway has the same problem…three consecutive entrance ramps!! Cloverleaf entrance from southbound tollway, ramp from northbound tollway, then ramp from service road…no wonder!!

    Entrance ramps preceding exit ramps will–and do!–cause congestion every time. Test me–pay attention to your commute in your region, whether in Texas or elsewhere–any city!! Everywhere that I have travelled I have seen the same problem.

    As I mentioned in my Texas Capitol speech, I am lobbying the State Legislature through the Sunset Advisory Commission for wholesale change at TxDOT, the full consideration of my proposal, and if (when) it is deemed viable, its full, immediate implementation.

    I put forward that my plan would make tollroads obsolete, would scuttle the immediate need for the Trans-Texas Corridor, and would eliminate (note: not simply reduce!) a SIGNIFICANT portion of congestion on existing freeways.

    The problem is not freeway lanes–they will move just fine if we REMOVE the congestion points impeding the freeway flow of traffic. The photo above is absolutely great! Take a look at the OTHER side of the freeway!! In this example, the oncoming HOV lanes are completely worthless and the oncoming freeway lanes are practically unused. At the same time, rush hour traffic is backed up for 10 MILES!!

    Once we have removed the entrance/exit ramp impediments, we must begin to think differently about freeway theory. A better deployment of the lanes pictured would be to have two lanes of collector-distributor traffic for all entering and exiting traffic, three lanes of moving traffic, three lanes of express traffic (reversable), and four lanes for all oncoming traffic. If you have driven I-30 east of downtown Dallas, you have seen the reversable barricades and the massive crawler vehicle used to reverse these lanes for HOV usage. This same configuration deployed in the photo above would reduce congestion and increase traffic flow dramatically!

    We need a DOT that thinks cheap like this. Entrance and exit ramps and deployment of reversable lanes instead of over a billion dollars per mile of reconstruction. Happy to chat with any and all.

    David Smith
    Cell # 940-595-1852
    http://www.DFWfreeways.info (links to my information to be provided soon!)

  30. Cindy Crawford

    Toll roads and the environment…see what we have been doing to fight a 16 mile proposed toll road extension through nothing but wilderness here in Southern California. Lots of background information on my site at http://www.caopenspace.org/action.html
    This toll road would go through a working ranch, a wildlife preserve, the last natural creek left in Southern California which is habitat to 11 endangered species, a state park campground, an 8,000 year old indian village and burial ground and a state beach. The State of California said no to the project, now the toll road company is currently in process of appeal to the US Secretary of Commerce, NOAA. Unreal. This particular battle against toll roads must be won, it will set a dangerous precedence for our entire country!

  31. Jorge

    So let’s assume that a toll road gets built on 281. Now, for a toll road to be effective, some people must use it and pay the toll. If nobody uses it, it goes unfunded. So, for people to get in the toll road and pay for it, the non-tolled lanes must be kept congested. Congestion is the motivating factor.

    In Austin, when State Highway 130 Toll road opened for business, suddenly the free lanes they had been using clogged up, thanks to new stop signals. In cases the speed limit is suddenly dropped on the free lanes. Once intolerable, some people are forced to use the toll lanes.

    In Colorado, Maine, and California are similar cases, as shown in this article from Car and Driver Magazine: http://corridorwatch.org/ttc_2007/CWA0801000.htm

    Senator Wentworth says he support toll roads to alleviate congestion. The truth is, that it will alleviate congestion only for those willing and able to pay the toll. So Senator Wentworth’s statement is incomplete at best. Somebody more cynical than myself would say that’s a bold face lie, making him a liar.

    Senator Wentworth also doe not consider overpasses as one of the options on the table. Most people in the area want exactly that as a solution, but he will not consider it.

    Overpasses were planned by 2001, and were already funded by the taxpayers. Then the money was diverted to other projects, to “force” us into toll roads. We already paid for it, and we have not received what we paid for. We demand it now.

    The public know who voted for the toll roads in the last meeting. Come election time, we will be throwing the bums out.

  32. Bobbydr

    I feel like I’m shouting in a hurricane here but I still have hope that someone might listen; with all the harrumphing about what’s wrong with TXDot, no one seems to be looking at alternatives: actual solutions. Please stop by my blog on congestion and leave a note or start up a conversation. Tolls are not the only solution to traffic.

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