Campaign in the gutter: Castro involved in racially motivated push polling

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‘If Balido Left His Mexican
Wife For A White Woman…’

Racial Issues Fly As Campaign Goes Negative
San Antonio Lightning

The troubled Joaquin Castro campaign has run into more controversy, as voters report apparent “push-polls” in his quest to retain State Rep 125.

Castro has been trying to defend his role in promoting toll roads in Texas, and has denied wrong doing and campaign violations.

* * *

One westside voter, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation, has reported getting a “opinion” phone call, paraphrased here, which asked:

“If you knew Nelson Balido left his Mexican wife for a white woman, would that make you more likely, less likely to vote for Joaquin Castro, or no difference.”

Other voters confirmed calls with similar messages

Balido and his wife, Sandra — born in Tampico Mexico — have been married for 10 years. It is Balido’s only marriage.

* * *

A northside voter, Susan Dikin, who went on the record reports that she received a similar poll asking if she knew Nelson Balido was a “convicted felon” would that influence her vote?” (Click for audio.)

In a widely reported story in the Express-News four years ago, Balido explained an adjudicated case stemming from a 1992 charge of illegally obtaining steroids to help relieve pain from a childhood injury caused when he was hit by a car. The case was resloved, Balido finished his probation and the record was expunged.

Dikin says she was “shocked” by the deceptive poll, and saw immediately that someone was trying to poison her against Balido. She didn’t report the issue until block walkers for Balido came to her door.

* * *

Castro has recently drawn criticism because of a video tape which shows one of his campaign workers demolishing opponent Balido’s exhibit shown at a anti-toll rally in which he received the important SA Toll Party endorsement.

Castro, who is no stranger to deception was caught filling in for his twin brother Julian during the last mayoral race.

Julian lost.

Joaquin Castro has refused to take our calls on this story, but is offered free space to respond.

Nelson Balido has called the Castro activities “unacceptable.”

* * *

Not that the Lightning is singling out the Balido-Castro bout, but it is an outrageous example of what is wrong with Bexar County elections in general, and the dirty tricks that crop-up each cycle.

The local daily-monopoly Express-News is censoring negative comments on Castro. They endorsed him last week — Friday the 13th.

E-N also missed the big KLRN debate of last Sunday, in which Castro did a nervous tap-dance when asked about the video taped vandalism.

And they have consistently ignored anti-tollers like Terri Hall, a strong voice against the smelly Cintra-Zachry-Perry deal.

* * *

Makes you wonder what else they are censoring, doesn’t it?

We’ll answer that question, and more as this series continues.

We’ll show you some monkey shines at the polls themselves.

And we’ll introduce you to some 118-year-old plus registered voters. Now that’s civic involvement!

More to follow.