Conservative Caucus building coalition to STOP NAFTA highways!

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Resolution seeks to head off union with Mexico, Canada
Howard Phillips building coalition behind congressional measure
World Net Daily
October 25, 2006

Howard Phillips

A coalition spearheaded by Conservative Caucus Chairman Howard Phillips, author Jerome Corsi and activist Phyllis Schlafly is launching an effort today in support of a proposed congressional resolution that denounces any effort by the U.S. to enter into a North American Union with Mexico and Canada.

The resolution – sponsored by Republican Reps. Virgil Goode Jr. of Virginia, Tom Tancredo of Colorado, Walter Jones of North Carolina, and Ron Paul of Texas – expresses “the sense of Congress that the United States should not engage in the construction of a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Superhighway System or enter into a North American Union (NAU) with Mexico and Canada.”

Phillips and Corsi, a WND columnist and author, hosted a news conference at the National Press Club this morning.

Yesterday, Corsi announced the Internet release of about 1,000 documents obtained in a Freedom of Information Act request to the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. He says the documents show the White House is engaging in collaborative relations with Mexico and Canada outside the U.S. Constitution.

The documents can be viewed here, on a special website set up by the Minuteman Project.

Corsi told WND the coalition, which now numbers about 50 leaders, is calling for a congressional investigation.

Rep. Virgil Goode Jr., R-Va.

“We’d like to see both the House and the Senate in the 110th Congress conduct a serious investigation and get full disclosure from SPP of all documents,” he said. “If the Bush administration wants to continue to deny that we’re on the same track that Europe went on to create the European Union and the euro, then there should be no harm in full disclosure.”

Otherwise, he continued, “I’m charging they are secretly on the path to create a North American Union, a new currency – the amero – along the same stealth path that was used in Europe, keeping everything below the radar, by administrative decree, making it to late to stop before the American people finally realize what’s gong on.”

Phillips, who has been chairman of the public-policy Conservative Caucus since 1974, told WND “this could be the most important project on which we’ve ever worked.”

“It’s incredible that a project of this magnitude with such potential fatal consequences to American’s status as an individual republic should get this far without serious public debate and consideration,” said, Phillips, who was one of the founders of the U.S. Taxpayers Party, which changed its name to the Constitution Party in 1999.

He was the party’s presidential candidate in the 1992, 1996 and 2000 elections.

The resolution Phillips is promoting reads, in part:

  • Whereas, according to the Department of Commerce, United States trade deficits with Mexico and Canada have significantly widened since the implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA);
  • Whereas the economic and physical security of the United States is impaired by the potential loss of control of its borders attendant to the full operation of NAFTA;
  • Whereas a NAFTA Superhighway System from the west coast of Mexico through the United States and into Canada has been suggested as part of a North American Union;
  • Whereas it would be particularly difficult for Americans to collect insurance from Mexican companies which employ Mexican drivers involved in accidents in the United States, which would increase the insurance rates for American drivers;
  • Whereas future unrestricted foreign trucking into the United States can pose a safety hazard due to inadequate maintenance and inspection, and can act collaterally as a conduit for the entry into the United States of illegal drugs, illegal human smuggling, and terrorist activities;
  • Whereas a NAFTA Superhighway System would be funded by foreign consortiums and controlled by foreign management, which threatens the sovereignty of the United States.

The resolution calls for the House of Representatives to agree on three issues of determination:

  1. The United States should not engage in the construction of a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Superhighway System;
  2. The United States should not enter into a North American Union with Mexico and Canada; and
  3. The President should indicate strong opposition to these or any other proposals that threaten the sovereignty of the United States.

“As important as this resolution is,” Corsi said, “we need still more congressional attention. Where is congressional oversight of SPP? We need congressional hearings, not just congressional resolutions.”

H.Con.Res.487 has been referred to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure and to the Committee on Internal Relations for consideration prior to any debate that may be scheduled on the floor of the House of Representatives.