List of Tollers…vote them all out!

This was compiled by supporter Ralph E. Snyder of Holland, TX. Another reminder of who wants you to pay tolls for what we’ve already paid for, who wants the Trans Texas Corridor, and who doesn’t want you to have a vote or say in the matter!

These politicians are the people who brought you the


They voted to confiscate Texans’ private property and
give it to a foreign company for profit. (HB-3588)

Governor Rick Perry (R)

AG Commissioner Todd Staples (R), (Senate sponsor of Trans Texas Corridor bill)

TX Senators:

Dist 1 Kevin P. Eltife (R)

Dist 2 Bob Deuell (R)

Dist 5 Steve Ogden (R)

Dist 12 Jane Nelson (R)

Dist 15 John Whitmire (D)

Dist 17 Kyle Janek (R)

Dist 22 Kip Averitt (R) (Falls, McClennan, & Hill Co)

Dist 25 Jeff Wentworth (R)

Dist 29 Eliot Shapleigh (D)

Texas House of Representatives:

Dist 2 Dan Flynn (R)

Dist 4 Betty Brown (R)

Dist 7 Tommy Merritt (R)

Dist 8 Byron Cook (R)

Dist 15 Rob Eissler (R)

Dist 19 Mike Hamilton (R)

Dist 20 Dan Gattis (R) (Milam Co, northern Williamson Co)

Dist 24 Larry Taylor (R)

Dist 29 Glenda Dawson (R)

Dist 32 Gene Seaman (R)

Dist 45 Patrick M. Rose (D)

Dist 46 Dawnna Dukes (D)

Dist 50 Mark Strama (D)

Dist 52 Mike Krusee (R) (southern Williamson Co–author of TTC bill)

Dist 55 Dianne White Delisi (R) (Bell Co–co-author of TTC bill)

Dist 56 Charles “Doc” Anderson (R) (McClennan Co)

Dist 58 Rob Orr (R) (Bosque Co)

Dist 59 Sid Miller (R) (Coryell Co)

Dist 60 James L. “Jim” Keffer (R)

Dist 62 Larry Phillips (R)

Dist 64 Myra Crownover (R)

Dist 65 Burt Solomons (R)

Dist 69 David Farabee (D)

Dist 70 Ken Paxton (R)

Dist 81 G.E. “Buddy” West (R)

Dist 83 Delvin Jones (R)

Dist 84 Carl H. Isett (R)

Dist 86 John Smithee (R)

Dist 88 Warren Chisum (R)

Dist 89 Jodie Laubenberg (R)

Dist 96 Bill Zedler (R)

Dist 97 Anna Mowery (R)

Dist 98 Vicki Truitt (R)

Dist 99 Charlie Geren (R)

Dist 102 Tony Goolsby (R)

Dist 103 Rafael Anchia (D)

Dist 105 Linda Harper-Brown (R)

Dist 107 Bill Keffer (R)

Dist 108 Dan Branch (R)

Dist 112 Fred Hill (R)

Dist 113 Joe Driver (R)

Dist 114 Will Hartnett (R)

Dist 120 Ruth Jones McClendon (D)

Dist 121 Joe Straus (R)

Dist 122 Frank J. Corte Jr. (R)

Dist 123 Mike Villarreal (D)

Dist 127 Joe Crabb (R)

Dist 129 John E. Davis (R)

Dist 130 Corbin Van Arsdale (R)

Dist 132 Bill Callegari (R)

Dist 134 Martha Wong (R)

Dist 138 Dwayne Bohac (R)

Dist 144 Robert E. Talton (R)

Since these folks have worked so hard to give our land to the Spaniards,
I feel they deserve a vacation. Let’s send them home.