Carter Casteel Lies About Her Attack Machine; Thinks Macias' Military Service Not "Community Service"

Carter Casteel continues to get caught in lies. Let me tell you about what she said when we first confronted her about her vote to toll her district at her Town Hall Meeting in June of 2005. She had the whole Comal County Commissioners Court convinced she was against tolls. Then she voted to toll her own district and thought she could hide from it. First, her line was “no one in my district will have to pay a toll,” then when it became clear her vote FOR HB 2702 which proliferated tolls and made it even easier to toll existing highways, then her song and dance became, “I stand behind my vote and didn’t want to delay the TTC- I-35 project.” It’s interesting that Hunter Industries got contract work for the TTC I-35 project and they gave hefty contributions to her campaign! I’m sure Hunter Industries didn’t want the delay to that project either!

Now, she’s at it again. She promised to run a good, clean campaign against her opponent Nathan Macias, who is against tolling existing highways, and then produces a memo outlining her plan to attack to him.

Read about it in the Texas Insider.