More than 200 turn out for the"Don't Mess With Texas FREEways" Rally!


More than 200 citizens say: “Don’t Mess With Texas FREEways”

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San Antonio, TX, January 21, 2006 – More than 200 concerned citizens opposed to Governor Perry’s tolling of existing freeways and the Trans Texas Corridor braved the cold weather and united under the banner of for a rally at the Ancira Jeep Dealership on US 281 North today. Supporters converged in San Antonio to voice objections to the conversion of free state highways and interstates into toll roads. Attendees represented residents from at least 13 different counties rural and urban alike.

Speakers included Gubernatorial candidate Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn, Gubernatorial candidate Chris Bell, Attorney General candidate David Van Os, State Senate candidate for District 18 and Founder, David Stall, candidate for State Representative for District 52 Barbara Samuelson, candidate for State Representative for District 122, Larry Stallings, Bexar County Commissioner Tommy Adkisson, the successful Comal County “Enough is Enough” Tax Rollback Campaign Leader and newspaper publisher Douglas Kirk, State Civil Rights Director for LULAC Henry Rodriguez, and Bexar County Homeowners Taxpayer Association President Bob Martin.

Also in attendance were candidate for State Representative for District 73 Nathan Macias, Bulverde City Councilwomen, Cindy Cross and Robin Urbanovsky, and candidate for Comal County Judge Pete Garcia.

“Texans want a highway system that’s free from corruption, free from conflicts of interest, and free from personal profiteering. Texas property belongs to Texans not foreign companies,” declared a charismatic and energized Gubernatorial candidate Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn.

Strayhorn explained that a concerned citizen told her staff that the Department of Transportation is going to do whatever the hell they want to. And she gives this reply, “I stand here in Bexar County today to tell you that as your next Governor, as long as there’s breath in Carole Keeton Strayhorn’s lungs, you will have a new Governor, a strong voice in Austin, and TxDOT will NOT do whatever the hell they want to.”

“As we’re seeing nationally with the Abramoff scandal, our very Democracy has been hijacked by lobbyists and corporate insiders who yield more influence over our government than the governed,” declared Terri Hall, Regional Director

“Ordinary citizens have to get organized and band together to beat back the grip of special interest lobbyists that threaten our representative government. The highway lobby thought they could catch us all asleep at the wheel, but instead they’ve awakened a sleeping giant who is shining the light on their backroom deals that sell out the public interest for private gain of the select few,” said Hall.

“I’m sick and tired of self-dealing, insider cliques stealing self-government from the people for their private enrichment. That’s the only thing this toll wreck plan represents,” says attorney David Van Os, candidate for Texas Attorney General whose campaign is built on being the people’s advocate, not another arm of corporate cronyism.

“There’s clearly a disconnect between the grassroots and the political elites of both parties. When the Governor sends out his Transportation Commission Chairman Ric Williamson saying things like, ‘In your lifetime most existing roads will have tolls,’ it’s no wonder there’s wholesale, widespread opposition to Perry’s statewide toll mandate,” Hall notes. “When something as fundamental as our freedom of mobility is at stake, the taxpayers have a right to vote on their own self-determination. Not only are we being denied a vote, our limited public assets, like freeways, are being sold to private interests to control for profit. This is a dangerous trend that goes beyond tolls; it’s time to take our government back!”

Comal County “Enough is Enough” Tax Rollback Campaign Leader and newspaper publisher Douglas Kirk believes “that the tax rollback campaign and the toll issue are just the beginning of a statewide tax revolt in which the owners of government are busy throwing elected officials out of office and making necessary personnel changes.”