City Councilmen on MPO Sold Out to Highway Interests

Voted Against Accountability, Against the People!

First things first, thank you to EVERYONE who turned out for the MPO Special Meeting today. Your presence was vital and what you witnessed was unparalleled, unabashed malfeasance on the part of both un-elected & elected city officials! The majority of the MPO are paid city staffers and they along with the 3 city councilmembers on the MPO clearly marched in lockstep to the beat of highway special interests at today’s MPO special meeting to address the need for an independent review. New MPO Chair Councilman Richard Perez didn’t disappoint and continued to hem, haw, tap dance, and stonewall around holding TxDOT accountable for the $48 million FUNDED original VIABLE ALTERNATIVE plan for US 281. His behavior along with that of Hall, Haass, and paid city staff is an egregious and gross abuse of power!

Every member of the Board who showed up, voted against accountability and against the people by voting against an independent review with the exception of two unfailing advocates for the people, Commissioners Lyle Larson and Tommy Adkisson. TxDOT who clearly has a conflict of interest voting to allocate money for their own projects, did NOT recuse themselves from the vote and voted against the PEOPLE! The battle lines have been drawn and we now know without a doubt who is representing the people and who is representing special highway interests. Those who voted against a review are doing the bidding of Governor Perry and the TxDOT intimidators who threatened to pull our highway funding if these guys supported a review.

Here’s who voted against the PEOPLE:
Chairman Richard Perez – Councilman-District 4 City of San Antonio 210-207-7281 or
Vice Chair Amy Madison – Director of Community Development Randolph Region 210-658-7477 or
Sergio “Chico” Rodriguez – Commissioner Bexar County 210-335-2611 or
Christopher “Chip” Haass – Councilman-District 10 City of San Antonio 210-207-7276 or
Art Hall – Councilman District 8 City of San Antonio 210-207-7086 or
Emil R. Moncivais, AICP – Director of Planning City of San Antonio 210-207-7952 or
Thomas G. Wendorf, P.E. – Director of Public Works City of San Antonio 210-207-8022 or try
Jack Leonhardt – Mayor GBCCC 210-655-0022 or
David Casteel, P.E. – District Engineer TxDOT 210-615-5801
Clay R. Smith, P.E. – Planning Engineer TxDOT 210-615-5920

Voted For (an independent review)
Tommy Adkisson – Commissioner Bexar County 210-335-2614 or
Lyle Larson – Commissioner Bexar County 210-335-2613 or

Al Notzon – Executive Director AACOG 210-362-5281 or
(Deferred to elected officials)

No Shows
Hon. Leticia Van de Putte – State Senator District 26 210-733-6604 or dist26 Mail Form
Les Locke, P.E. – Bexar County 210-335-6700 or try
Oliver Hill – VIA Board Member VIA 210-648-3398
Hank Brummett – VIA Board Member VIA 210-648-3398

From here on out, DO NOT distribute ANY “Highway Robbery” fliers with Chip Haass’ quote on it. He is now officially on the de-elect list. When the chips were down, he didn’t come through. He actually told an ally that his district is FOR TOLLS. If you live in Chip Haass’ district, YOU NEED TO TAKE ISSUE WITH HIS PERCEPTION THAT YOU WELCOME TOLLS ON HIGHWAYS YOU’VE ALREADY PAID FOR!

This war is not over. The voters ultimately have the final say even though the Governor and the Legislature have made it extremely difficult for the taxpayers to beat this back. Today demonstrates our urgent need to take our government back. This is not government of the people, by the people, for the people. We need to continue to focus our efforts on our state legislators, especially Rep. Frank Corte whose district is most affected by the first round of freeway tolls. Our elected officials are so entrenched with the special interests that they refuse to represent the best interest of and the clearly articulated will of the people they serve.


State Rep. David Leibowitz gave a strong show of support for an independent review today. Read his press release below. Call to thank him and ask for continued support for accountability for this toll plan (512-463-0269). We need allies such as Rep. Leibowitz to put Transportation Chair Ric Williamson and his TxDOT thugs in their place. This toll mandate is top-down without a vote of the people being asked to anti-up thousands of dollars a year in tolls throughout Texas.

We aren’t going to lay down and lick our wounds and let these guys silence our voice! Are you angry at the arrogance of these elected officials? Are you fed-up with our public servants being more concerned with their own self-interest than the public’s best interest? Are you going to let a no tax pledge Governor Perry get away with the largest tax increase in Texas history? Channel that energy into our…

“Hit the Toll Road, Perry” Rally and Press Conference
Wednesday, Sept. 7 @ 6 PM
Henry B Gonzales Convention Center (Market Street side)
Contact: Sudie Sartor at (210) 496-2997 or
or Bob and Barb Meshanko at (830) 438-3449 or

Well, Governor-appointed Chair of the Transportation Commission Ric Williamson is coming to town Sept 7-8 for the Transportation Leadership Forum, a cheerleading convention for highway interests and those who stand to profit from tolls being placed on freeways we’ve already paid for!

Make sure you and every neighbor, co-worker, family member, and friend attend our rally on Sept. 7 at 6 PM. Our supportive public officials will be there and most importantly, YOU will be there to express your OUTRAGE over this misuse of taxpayer money and the DOUBLE TAXATION of freeways we’ve already paid for! Bring signs with choice sayings like “Stop the Double Tax,” “No New Toll Tax” and any other clean and creative sayings you like.

For event information contact: Sudie Sartor at (210) 496-2997 or
or Bob and Barb Meshanko at (830) 438-3449 or

Thursday, September 8, 2005 to be held in Specht Elementary, 25815 Overlook Parkway.

This one is for US 281 from Evans Road to the Bexar County Line. The open house will begin at 6:30 PM and the actual meeting will begin at 7:00 PM. As you come in, you will be asked to sign in and, at that time, you will be able to mark (on the sign-in sheet) whether you will be making an oral statement or not. Speakers will generally be called in the order that they signed in.

The PUBLIC HEARING that was scheduled for Sept. 15 is the Public Hearing for LP 1604. This meeting is now tentatively scheduled for November 2005.

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