City of San Antonio admits they've "tweaked" timing of the stop lights on 281 recently!

Happenings at the MPO Meeting Monday…

Commissioner Tommy Adkisson came to the rescue right out the gate at Monday’s meeting. He asked the Board to ponder the fact that its so heavily weighted toward appointed staffers versus elected officials (7 elected out of 19). Step by step, we’re going to change the composition of that Board! He also got Citizens to be Heard to be moved from the end of the meeting to the beginning as it used to be under Commissioner Lyle Larson. Thank you Commissioner Adkisson!


Commissioner Lyle Larson to the rescue! Many of us have noticed a marked increase in the stop light times at Stone Oak, Evans, and Encino Rio lights on US 281 literally overnight (starting last week, notably after the lawsuit stopped the 281 project). TxDOT’s on the offensive and seemed to be causing even greater traffic jams at those lights with perhaps the eventual goal to get residents to scream FOR a toll road, anything to get out of their misery! Well, we’re on to them…the same commute at the same time of day was now taking 15-20 minutes longer EVERY DAY. A resident in Big Springs had already requested stats on the timing of the lights through a public information request to TxDOT and they said they don’t control the lights at Stone Oak, Evans, or Encino Rio. The City of San Antonio does.

At the MPO meeting, Larson demanded the City cough up the rationale for changing the timing and wanted an investigation done. They tried to put it off until next month’s MPO meeting, but then he said, “No, now!” and insisted on a report on his desk right away. They grabbed Christina De La Cruz in the Public Works Dept. out of the audience to explain this. She admitted they’ve been “tweaking” it recently! The response from Larson and all of us in the audience was clear, stop messing around with our lives and get this fixed. She later grabbed us in the hall and was on the phone to her staff and told us TxDOT turned in new traffic counts and they set the lights according to those counts. Yep, we knew TxDOT was in this mix! So, thanks to our hero Lyle Larson, we should be seeing some changes ASAP! Thank him here: Commissioner Larson’s email.

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  1. terrih Post author

    Mr. Roddy Stinson – (political columnist with Express-News)

    I thoroughly enjoyed your article this morning concerning those who feed and profit greatly at the public trough while wringing their hands over the poor and downtrodden, nothing in my mind could be more despicable. May you have the same exemplary success you achieved with Blanche Glover and her bloated remuneration.

    As food for thought and a possible future column please skim through the E-mail below, concentrating on the last paragraph. It appears that the people I trust to keep my family safe and to provide an efficient traffic system (an absolute necessity in a thriving metro-area) have become political pawns. As a result of their criminality (and I don’t use that word lightly) my daughter, my son-in-law, and my grandchildren have had a ridiculous amount of precious time stolen from them. My seven year old grandson, lucky and intelligent enough to attend Keystone Academy downtown has had an additional hour a day in commute added to an already long day to attend classes from our homes at the Comal-Bexar County line. My daughter and her husband are penalized equally with jobs at USAA and south of 1604. An economic burden no less than a state income tax.

    The audacity of the people we have hired to serve our citizens in their blatant attempt to push the toll road agenda is malefaction beyond belief. Civil Service (read TxDot and SA traffic) employment in the spirit of those words is to offer true service to the people of the State, City in return for life long employment, good salaries, health insurance, job protection, and retirement benefits for which the rest of us could only wish. The least they could do is their jobs in an efficient, non-political manner otherwise they should be fired as we turn their political bosses out of office. Sorry…. they should be fired now for abusing the public trust.


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