Encino Park residents furious at TxDOT for their bait & switch toll road on 281

See it here!

It was the same ol’ song and dance from TxDOT. The “you don’t have to take the toll road” line doesn’t hold water when the non-toll lanes will be frontage road with slower stop and go traffic that a foreign company can manipulate to maximize their profits! They’re taking a FREEway and replacing it with a surface street and expect us to call that “improvements!”

TxDOT admitted:

– They are, in fact, tolling the existing highway we drive on today
– The tolls won’t come off the roads…EVER!
– Both the original plan ($48 million) AND now the toll project ($83 million) are 100% paid for with gas tax money, but we won’t be able to drive on it without paying a toll, too!
– Admitted toll taxes on 281 drivers will fund more toll lanes on 1604 and other highways 281 users may not use
– That HNTB (the company the tolling authority just hired for $6.5 million to engineer toll roads on I-35, Wurzbach, and Bandera Rd) is going to conduct their new environmental assessment…can you say, conflict of interest? It never ends with these people!

A supporter videotaped the whole thing, so we’ll try to get soundbites up so you can see for yourself!