Encino Park residents furious at TxDOT for their bait & switch toll road on 281

See it here!

It was the same ol’ song and dance from TxDOT. The “you don’t have to take the toll road” line doesn’t hold water when the non-toll lanes will be frontage road with slower stop and go traffic that a foreign company can manipulate to maximize their profits! They’re taking a FREEway and replacing it with a surface street and expect us to call that “improvements!”

TxDOT admitted:

– They are, in fact, tolling the existing highway we drive on today
– The tolls won’t come off the roads…EVER!
– Both the original plan ($48 million) AND now the toll project ($83 million) are 100% paid for with gas tax money, but we won’t be able to drive on it without paying a toll, too!
– Admitted toll taxes on 281 drivers will fund more toll lanes on 1604 and other highways 281 users may not use
– That HNTB (the company the tolling authority just hired for $6.5 million to engineer toll roads on I-35, Wurzbach, and Bandera Rd) is going to conduct their new environmental assessment…can you say, conflict of interest? It never ends with these people!

A supporter videotaped the whole thing, so we’ll try to get soundbites up so you can see for yourself!

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  1. Jeff

    I would sure like to know why the media in this city takes such a weak stance in exposing the obvious impropriety at all levels of government involvment with this project. The moot point made by the reporter at the end of this video, regarding the option to not use the tollway, is one example. It is a given (as stated in TxDOT’s own guidelines) that the non-tolled portions of any new toll project are to be made as unpleasant as possible to use in order to maximize profits. Why isn’t the reporter pointing THAT out?

    The proof is right here on this site. Why aren’t our nightly news teams laying the important facts listed throughout this website out there for all to see? Why are they only giving this movement token converage? I already know the answers to my questions.

    Do you?

  2. Sal Costello

    The fact is we pay too much for the roads that are being built. OAG shows the median cost of a road lane mile in the US to be $1.6 million per lane mile. A look at 130 east of Austin shows it is $7.6 million per lane mile. San Antonio’s 281 is $27 million per lane mile.

    Gov. Perry’s TxDOT wants to privatize and toll our public highways. They use the “we’ve run out of money” excuse to steal from us. TxDOT is sitting on $2.8 Billion today, claiming they have no money, as they allocate our tax dollars to build toll roads.

    Sal Costello
    Founder of http://www.TexasTollParty.com

  3. Jim Gildart

    “Absolute insanity” is the only way to describe what is going on with our roads.

    I’m a native San Antonian that decided to move my family to Comal county in the early 80’s. We’ve worn out many automobiles commuting in and out of San Antonio. not only going to work, but just to fulfill our family shopping needs. So on top the price of gas doubling/tripling, what I’m hearing is it may cost ± $10 roundtrip just to go to town?

    I just had the “pleasure” of visiting Orange county, California. You can either endure the congestion on the FREEway or take the Toll Road…$3.85 one direction and $4.25 the other. I don’t know who built it, but the tolls will certainly pay for and support it. At least in California, you’re not forced to choose the “Tollroad” or the Access Road.

    I’m with Jeff…where’s the outrage and coverage from our local news teams?

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