Dallas commissioners: Too many toll roads bad for the city

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Our supporters reading this is like preaching to the choir. Bexar County commissioners would be wise to wake-up to this economic disaster, especially in light of the fact that San Antonio’s median income is far less than Houston or Dallas. Commissioners Lyle Larson and Tommy Adkisson have “seen the light” for some time, one more on board and the citizens, not special interests, would have a majority…

Too Many Toll Roads Bad For DFW, Commissioners Say
September 13, 2006

DALLAS — Dallas County commissioners are looking at ways to cut down on the need for several new toll roads in the future and said they don’t think it’s good for residents or the local economy to be overtolled.

Drivers currently only have to pay to drive on two roads, but that will soon increase to several roads. “I pay about $40 a month just to go back and forth to work. I use the toll roads just to go shopping. What will it be like when we start encompassing all these other roads?” motorist Sherry Blake said.

Dallas County commissioners said residents wouldn’t have to fund as many future roads with tolls if the Texas Department of Transportation didn’t have to share 66 percent of the gas tax with other programs including education.

“There’s a policy of raping people who use tolls to pay for projects that could have been paid had the funds not been diverted,” Dallas County commissioner Kenneth Mayfield said.

“What’s more important than education? That doesn’t bother me,” resident Nancy Marlow said.

County commissioners asked staff to provide other options besides tolls for funding major Dallas County roads in the future.

Judge Margaret Keliher said she believes an excessive amount of highway tolls will have a negative impact on the local economy.